Proposal to Increase co investment on NMR to 500,000 BNT

To be posted to Snapshot June 14 2021

NMR (Numeraire) has already been white listed by the Bancor DAO.

However, the pool is underperforming:

Looking at CMC, there seems to be the most of their volume on Cionbase and Binance, but perhaps with a bigger pool we could claim more of the volume.

Their UNI pool is very small so we should be able to dominate DEX trading.

Vote FOR to increase co investment to 750,000 BNT
Vote AGAINST to leave pool as it is.


I will support this proposal; we should try to keep our whitelisted pools running smoothly.


I just noted on another co investment proposal the same thing I will post here.

I’m not good at writing proposals. I understand that. In addition, if someone wants to re-write this, I will be thrilled!

Proposal writing aside, increasing the co investment here is a no brainer and I strongly hope my sub-par proposal doesn’t stop this from happening.

I think that dropping the swap fee to 0.3% should also form part of this proposal. Lowering the swap fee will be synergistic with increased liquidity and should drive increased trade volume.

The co-investment limit seems very high given the pool size for this token pair on other DEXes:

I personally would be more inclined to vote in favor of this proposal if it gets revised to 200K BNT. This would roughly put our pool at 1.5M in depth (at current BNT prices) if gets filled completely.

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I’ll change for 500K.