Proposal: Increase Co-investment on FTT (FTX TOKEN) to 350K BNT

To be pushed to snapshot on Aug 15

Hi Everyone,

Our FTT (FTX TOKEN) pool now has a 26% APR from swaps. Imagine how much better this would be if the pool was deeper than $170,000.

Unfortunately, the pool is maxed out (no room for FTT stakers) given the current co investment.

Important to note, this is a top 30 token on CMC that has generated 171 Million dollars of volume in the last 24 hours.

Seems like a it should be one of our better pools.

Vote FOR to increase the co investment to 500,000 BNT

Vote AGAINST to leave the pool as is

Very supportive of this. The FTT Pools around DEXs have great volume but no clear winner in terms of liquidity, this would be an opportunity for bancor to distinguish itself in yet another great pool. Half a million might be a bit high tho, I think 350K - 400K would be more appropiate but I will vote for 500K Aswell if thats how you wish to keep it.


I think this is a good proposal but co-investment seems quite high in my opinion. I agree with @tenzent on this and this should be lowered:


300K at current BNT prices is a good co-investment for us to match the Uniswap pool in depth.