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Information and Templates

The governance page was restructured on 12th April 2021, after approximately 6 months of relatively smooth operation. As the BancorDAO grew in size, and proposals became more frequent, it became apparent that a carefully organized community forum would be critical for facilitating decentralized governance into the future. The proposals themselves also require standardization, and templates have been created for the two most common proposal types:

LEVEL 1 Under Review

This category is where drafts of proposals are submitted in already completed format, using templates made available by the BancorDAO. All proposals on Level 1 should be compiled with the same care, and attention to detail, as expected of a vote-ready document. There are two sub-categories:


Drafting and editing, community feedback, and ‘temperature checks’ occur on Level 1. Once a proposal appears on Level 2, comments and feedback are restricted to those with high trust ratings only. The purpose of Level 2 is to announce to DAO members that the proposals contained within are ready to be submitted to Snapshot for a vote.


This archive is the destination for all proposals previously submitted to Snapshot for a DAO decision. Regardless of the outcome, the proposals are moved from Level 2 to the archive. At the conclusion of the voting period. Therefore, Levels 1 and 2 are filled exclusively with proposals in various stages of preparation, yet to be submitted to a DAO vote. Levels 1 and 2 are regularly cleared, and their contents moved to the archive for safekeeping.

Deprecated Proposals (NOT SUBMITTED)

This is an archive of proposals that were never sent to Snapshot for a vote. There are two main reasons why this may occur:

Vote Delegation

This category serves two purposes:

Data and Analysis

This category is open to everyone, and is intended to be a stable source of information regarding the performance of the Bancor protocol. Participants in this channel are not required to be members of the BancorDAO. However, this category will be heavily moderated.


As the BNT community has grown, an increased level of moderation and organization on Discourse has proven critical. The new categories are designed to create a tiered staging system, such that proposals can be drafted, improved, and elevated to a point where launching on Snapshot is justified, and necessary. This reorganization has rendered the old categories meaningless, and the content from this legacy system has to go somewhere. The OLD_GOV category is a warehouse from the early days of the BancorDAO. This may be of historical interest; however, these posts should be considered deprecated.