Automatically allocate 2% of fees to marketing

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In a market of fierce competition, which will grow even stronger, the need to coordinate professional marketing efforts, globally, is clear. Being a LP is nothing short of running a business. A business needs marketing.


Roughly $150k was the 24hr fee volume on March 1st 6pm UTC. This would equate to $3k per day / $90 k per month / $1 million a year right now.

For this budget

a team of marketing specialists can be put together to market Bancor’s DEX
investments into the typical online marketing strategies can be funded
proper ad planning and analysis performed
additional creative campaigns invented
ad-games created

Legal thoughts

The Bancor Foundation could setup a legal entity that receives these funds daily into a wallet. I assume, due to marketing being placed in the real world, a real world legal entity is needed, rather than just a DAO. A DAO could however control the decisions made in such entity.

best form of entity to be researched as per tax laws.
entity’s statues to define:
— DAO controlled
— profits can only be reinvested into the entity itself
— cap on team’s wages

Looking forward to the feedback