Features and Requests

Created this so that there is a static page to collect all thoughts of how we envision the future of Bancor.

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I believe that BNT should only have 1 standard LM% [and if pools still exist, then BNT is automatically allocated to keep the desired %] [also makes a more predictable inflation metric][current disparity in percentages create capital inefficiencies - should 1 BNT really be worth more than another, according to LM some are more favored by inflation][an extreme stance could be that the pool with the lowest BNT percentage should be the cap that any other BNT LM pool should earn, anything over the protocol burns (and/or uses for IL insurance that another user was going to sell anyhow)] [although keep TKN LM% at a pre-approved rate like 10% etc][overall dynamic percents in alignment with desirable inflation/reward scheme] - this goes with the earlier suggestion I made here: https://discordapp.com/channels/476133894043729930/757955080141144075/853331273945841664 Still have to wait to see how v3 works. Also, from a front-end UI perspective we should get rid of all the nuances and techy lingo that this industry has adopted. Make it super simple, you go to the website, a single toggle for staking with a selection of token [will have some sort of identifier to notify if it is whitelisted] [once token selected it can show simple stats like LM%, APR%, etc][for more detailed metrics, keep it as a seperate tab][from community perspectives, the link they share will have a url filter that will automatically select that token][also with this selection, it gets rid of the current pick BNT or TKN, since BNT staking should be done not per whitelisted pool, but in a single location - same place as TKN staking] and another toggle for swapping. I do like how the new UI elements look so far - also this proposal is a work in progress.


Not sure what you’re aiming to accomplish here; is this a discussion? A wishlist? Because if it’s a discussion, I can work with that. Not so great at wishlists. What are you aiming to get out of this thread?

It’s a discussion thread of a “Wishlist” [ of what the Bancor should be], including future functionality that could eventually turn into code and/or posted to the DAO. I mainly put it here, so that it would not get lost in Discord. Thanks for asking the question.


I think if we’re talking much further in the future these are things I would look for :

  • Margin Trading/Leverage
  • Stop Losses, Take Profits, Limit Orders (We have)
  • LOW Gas Costs (L2, since actually trading rather than holding spot requires you to manage your position a lot which equates to many different transactions.
  • LP Liquidation Lending - Bancor has single sided staking which means we can essentially treat LP Positions as appreciating reserves of single tokens, because of this it would be much more succesful than other AMM LP Token Lending imo and the interest generated that would go to the protocol could be turned into permanent token side liquidity
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If I’m interpreting this correctly, this would be the crypto equivalent of securities lending, which for years has been the most lucrative revenue stream for prime brokerages. I’ve mentioned previously:

This is something Bancor could be the first to introduce and bolster its position as the pioneer in DeFi.


Perpetual already has decentralized margin trading I’m sure we could do this absolutely, obviously we gotta wait for V3 but, yes this and Lending would be very strong revenue streams imho.


Ever been in the situation where you want to stake your “claimable rewards” but the balance does not justify it, what if instead you could add [but not remove] BNT to that balance, so that re-staking would make financial sense. :moneybag:

Couple other things to add to the wishlist :

  • Private Liquidity Pools / DAO Treasuries
  • Derrivatives/Futures using the LINK/Bancor Pools as Oracles. Like PERP does with UNI and Link.
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Not one for wishlists much. But eh, why not?

  • The ability to see/download/downstream historical data on your portfolio.
  • Some kind of integration with OpenGSN would be swell, if it’s affordable for us.
  • Some kind of integration with Gas Token (if it doesn’t exist already) would be moderately neat-o.
  • Since we’re bent on having a trade interface, some kind of margin trading wouldn’t go unnoticed, integrating the best of the projects that could be applied to such a thing. Dunno if this is already in the works, but it’d be neat to have.
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Was reading about Olympus DAO and their outreach for building more partnerships with other DAOs, mainly by adding their tokens to its balance sheet. Would be interesting to have BNT or vBNT added as a BOND option, in addition to a pool of OHM/BNT, perhaps a wrapped version of their sOHM due to rebase concerns.