Marketing Carbon differently

I’ve seen quite a bit of marketing coming from the team via twitter spaces etc. and I can appreciate the efforts done here. However, I do feel that to a great degree, this marketing is simply only spreading out within bancors existing sphere of influence.

It costs a lot $$ to get onto popular youtube channels that have a large reach, but that is what is needed. We can simply continue on our current existing marketing path, but thus far, it has been ineffective, and the proof is in the pudding, as there are only a small handful of users creating strategies, and the fees generated…

So I am proposing that, we as a community, discuss which online media channels would be best suited to spread awareness, and after we have curated a list, then have the team go approach and work out the deals needed to bring the exposure to carbon. Also possibly, if the interviews go in the right direction, perhaps this can also persuade people to consider looking at the BNT token.

Ill start with the list with

Defi Dad - bancor has an existing relationship with him. he doesnt get tons of views. so possibly this is an okay place to start… but we should get on larger channels
Crypto Banter ( yes I know… but like it or not, they have a wide and broad audience, which is what we need )
… lets add to this list, and discuss the options


Hey Jindo. I’m glad to hear you appreciate the efforts going into the Twitter Spaces. Just to clarify though- I wouldn’t consider them to be marketing, and there should be a distinction between them and the marketing efforts being made.
If I had to categorize them, I would consider them more community, reputation, and relationship building.
The purpose has always been to engage other communities, introduce our community to others, educate new and existing DeFi users, discuss current events in DeFi, and show that Bancor remains an innovator and thought leader in the space.


I do share the same opinion that these efforts are for the existing bancor community, and once others know of Carbon, will be a useful resource tool for defi users to learn more about Carbon, but I do not feel that this has been an effective way at introducing carbon to other communities.

Bancor has developed a new and innovative product, and I am sure that tons of time and $$ went into creating Carbon, however now that the product is live, does it not make sense to try to find more effective means at introducing carbon to other communities? ( platforms not operated by bancor). If the current status quo was an effective means, then the numbers would be up and far beyond where they are today.

Carbon is a complete brand new product released onto the crypto market. Whenever a new product launches, there is a gigantic marketing push in order to create awareness, which is usually combined with some sort of LP depositor farming scheme or other sorts of ways in which to incentivise new users. Carbon did try to do so with it’s deposit and get USDC or it’s trading comp… but the trading comp didn’t get the coverage needed.

There is always room for improvement, and given the current state of the market, and potentially where BTC could be within the next year or so, efforts need to be RALLIED HARD prior to any bull market commencing, else this will become a doomsday scenario for bancors deficit.

So since we have the bancor foundation, and part of their role is to assist in the marketing and promotion of bancor, then strong efforts should be made ASAP.


Hey Jindo, thanks for the feedback and love to see the community getting tapped for these efforts. Regarding popular YT channels, as you said these typically cost a lot of money and should be carefully considered if this is the approach the community pushes for. I think once there is a consensus or shortlist of YT hosts, everyone should reach out to those hosts and inquire if they’ve heard of Carbon and interested in doing a video on the product. Having (somewhat) unbiased community and product users reach out is 1000x better and more effective than a contributor doing so. It creates a narrative that the product is in real demand to this current group of users and that YT creator’s audience will also benefit from the video. Many creators value this metric more than money, Finematics and many respected content creators take ZERO or little money for these videos and do it for the industry and their brand of education/awareness.

I really like the direction you’re going with your later question: what communities should be focused on for adoption? There’s a huge push for onchain limit orders on CT right now and I would love to have a consolidated list of Telegram and other social media outlets focused on trading that would be worthwhile to connect with and explain/show Carbon in detail. Another strategy could be for token unlock groups/channels that focus on trading unlocks and macro events, know of any that could be focused on?

Thanks again and looking forward to everyone’s feedback <3


I’m also in agreement that the best way for carbon to get onto the popular channels is for the community to push hard to those creators so that we can get the interviews / podcasts for free. I suggested this in a previous 1 on 1 call with one of the bancor team memebers. But this requires effort from MANY of the bancor community members, and this then requires a consolidated effort and push … and organization.

If we can assemble together, then I will play my part in this, and perhaps conversations around this will need to get off of this public forum and into a private chat.


the bancor foundation can pay to market and get on the right channels the fastest way.

If marketing is done correctly, that can be the defining key from where we are now to closing the deficit. If marketing is done poorly, things can remain the same with slow adpotion and growth … then we will have larger issues to deal with later ( deficit blowing up ) … and please … PLEASE… have a contingency plan set up for this event… PLEASE


Definitely agree that the Foundation need to spend serious money on marketing. They need to spend money to make money (to fix the deficit), not just rely on community-led outreach.

Carbon should probably consider or prioritise channels or creators with non-American audiences or bases; the decision to exclude US from Carbon has really hamstrung its adoption (and potentially rendered it irrelevant to a lot of the people). Off the top of my head, I’d suggest Bancor marketing team contact Coin Bureau; among the more reputable influencers in the space (as far as any can be), headquartered in UK, and according to similarweb around 3/4 of their traffic comes from outside the US.

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thats a great suggestion! coin bureau would be a good way to outreach to a broad audience

ideally I would like for heavy promotion of carbon to be combined with an event or factor that will drive people to start using it. ( no idea what this idea could be )

I don’t think paying out usdc for people to set up a strategy was a good idea. People are incentivised by the idea that they’ll gain something from it. covering gas fees… or just above it… was pretty meh