Proposal to deploy Carbon in Arbitrum

As data shows, the usebase for Carbon, still remains underwhelming compared to the expected volume. Is is very clear, that the easiest way to increase Carbon traction, is to explore other ecosystems with more potential users and tokens, hence increasing exponentially the usecases of the project

As a way to increase exposure to other enviroments, a short discussion with a poll was proposed a couple months ago in order to know which blockchain would the community prefer, and Arbitrum was picked as the most prefered by the carbon community (Carbon deployment in other chains / Carbon crosshain deployment [POLL])

I hereby then formally propose a vote on deploiying all the Carbon smart contracts in Arbitrum network and changing the UI to include the posibilty to connect the wallet through the official carbon site.

For: Aprove to deploy Carbon smart contracts in Arbitrum network, as the first additional sidechain besides Ethereum mainnet
Against: Do nothing.

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I think the idea is that projects running on L2 solutions will license Bancor Defi products and start using it. But maybe somebody from the team can respond to you on this.

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I asked in Discord and was told that a proposal was needed for a deploy. As nobody seemed to be doing this, i decided to kickoff the process. It would be great if anybody from the team could confirm what you say.

I am personally not in favor of deploying on a L2 for free.

If there is a grant/liquidity incentives etc - Happy to consider

If there is a protocol or whale that would be interested in using Carbon and can commit to using it - Happy to consider

If not, might make more sense to license it and deploy the fast lane arb bot to the L2.

Again, just my personal opinion.


@foxsteven, can you give us more information about the licensing process? Is it defined and the team working on it? Is there any interest shown by any operator? In a decentralized L2 like Arbitrum, i dont quite get who exactly would be the entity “licensing” Carbon, can you give us more information on that also? If the licensing is defined and there is interest, it could make sense (btw what project hasnt deployed for “free”?), but if the licensing is never gonna happen, a “free” deployment would be better than no deployment, as this would help the protocol start to adquire usage and fees

Hey Jack:

Yes, it is a defined process. It is a legal agreement between whoever licenses the source code and the Foundation that owns the IP.

Yes, the there was one recent announcement from a project that licensed the source code:

Sure: Bancor’s Innovative Technology Licensed to Power DeFi Protocols Across Multiple Layer 2s | by Jen Albert | Nov, 2023 | Bancor

MANY - you can take look at the grant applications and programs for all the major L1 and L2.

Lastly, I want to add that one more note. One long time member of the Bancor community actually put me in touch with a protocol that is currently considering a license as well.