Integrate carbon into other dapps possible?

Thus far we have tried to onboard users directly onto carbon ( and this has been challenging ) , but is it possible for carbon to directly reach out to users via other popular dapps? for example - have carbon directly integrated into dydx or gmx ?

Carbon having recurring strategies is a leg up on other defi competitors, but what carbon lacks is leverage … and users. Not sure if this is possible, but if it is, then this would be a really good way of indirectly onboarding users… and if this is not possible, then is there a way for carbon to utilize leverage? ( obviously not with every TKN )

I believe it might make more sense to integrate Carbon into other EVM chains and L2s first, since current user numbers are essentially a subset of DeFi users on Ethereum (the most competitive DeFi environment). From various previous discussions on here and in Telegram, Arbitrum seems a sensible starting point; low gas fees could be a boon to setting up multiple strategies.

It’s been out for over 4 months now and had several features added, seems like it’s time to start considering porting Carbon over to other chains alongside Ethereum.

I do agree that having lower fees will help onboard users, but I’m not quite sure to the extent that we are all hoping for

Crypto is full of degen gamblers, and carbon is an incredible tool for them to use, however, people want leverage. I’m sure that carbon could eventually figure out how to incorporate that into the platform, but with my initial idea ( highly unlikely that other dapps like gmx would even agree to it, but still work a shot IMO ) this would immediately turn every other dapp user into a carbon user. So although they wouldn’t be using the carbon interface, they would be using our contracts and we could be earning those fees.

But with gmx, we’d also have to go onto a L2, just like what you mentioned. So yeah haha I suppose working on you said does actually need to get implemented first.