Carbon POST deficit recovery

This thread is here for the community to discuss 2 items;

  1. how to use Carbons fees after Bancors deficit has been repaired
  2. are there any better methods how Carbons fees can be used towards repairing Bancors deficit

As it currently stands, the general consensus is that Carbons fees should be used towards buying and burning BNT. Constant buy pressure, and the shrinking of BNT supply should overtime strengthen the BNT token and thus repair the deficit.

However we should also consider that there may be other alternatives that may do the same job, if not better at;

  • Repairing the deficit
  • Increasing the BNT price
  • Removing BNT from trading circulation
  • Increasing Bancors / Carbons user base
  • Creating a stronger community of users & hodlers / stakers
  • Improving governance attendance

Many here would most likely come to the conclusion that buying and burning BNT is the best method at achieving the items above. I on the other hand feel that if Carbons fees simply do this, then as a users, there is no need for me to ever consider purchasing / investing into the BNT token. But sir…buy & burn == to the moon…

Other DEXs have come out in the past year or so with other interesting models, such as fee sharing to its TKN stakers. This notion creates public demand for the TKN. It creates holders and stakers and removes supply. It makes holders of the token want to actually TRADE on the platform. It makes users want to tell others about the platform and this will help to grow its users base.

Buying and burning BNT will not have this effect. I am not stuck on this notion of fee sharing, however I do want to open the discussion so that by the time the deficit has been prepared, we will know… and have voted on beforehand our strategy moving forward.

Improving governance attendance is another thing to consider… and to that notion… I would strongly suggest the team here take a look at what Hashflow is doing … Enter the Hashverse … stake native TKN… complete quests(vote on gov?)… earn rewards ( upgrading nfts? )

The idea of Carbon may be able to extend outside of TKNs and transfer to NFTs. Buy the floor and sell at a higher price? I am assuming at some point, Bancors ecosystem will grow beyond Carbon, so perhaps carbon can go beyond tokens and into stocks? currencies? nfts? I digress …

What ideas do YOU have?

  • How should carbons fees be used after the deficit has been repaired?
  • Is there any better / faster way carbons fees can be used to repair the deficit?

I personally cannot wait to have this convo once the deficit has been repaired.

But I think it might be a little early for this convo now.


It is early, but we are all still here because we believe that this will succeed. So we mind as well plan out its success and get the ball rolling. No need to vote on anything yet, but without a doubt, this will become a lengthy discussion, so IMO, it’s never too early to start spinning ideas off each other



Sounds good to me


I agree, I love the enthusiasm and I’ve been thinking down that road as well. I had a large write up underway, but I need to wait on Mark’s Carbon post on here to understand more fully the mechanics of Carbon. From there, I think we can have a more substantive discussion since we’ll have all of the details.


i still think this is too soon.
perhaps i voice a more cautious voice, but i would wait until there is a working solution with users that generates fees to help close the deficit before we start pipe dreaming on the next phase.

perhaps it is best to initiate it as soon as there is a positive direction and the picture is clearer on how the deficit is being closed.


Agree with the sentiment of this thread but I think that it is too early given that Carbon is not out and there exist a deficit across v2.1 and v3 pools/positions.

In general support of vote escrowed tokenomics (boosted rewards based on locks, voting power decay, token emissions for lockers), revenue sharing with token holders (as long as they are performing a useful function in the protocol), token buybacks (should be a lot better to do with carbon as we can let the market come to us), and others that exist on the market. This is in addition to giving BNT utility in Carbon and other protocols that might be released in the future.

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