Am I ever going to be able to get my investment back

It has been depleting for months. Is there nothing I can do about it but hope someone else adds liquidity so I can get my tokens back?

If BNT starts outperforming the tokens that it is paired with, then the deficits should start to naturally close. You can look at to get an idea for what the ENJ deficit has been over time (I will let you draw your own conclusions):

Most efforts within the Bancor community at the moment are on getting Carbon out which is a new protocol that is being developed. Most recently, the DAO voted to direct all fees from Carbon towards deficit reduction via BNT buyback and burn:

Additionally, there is also work being done on what’s called the “Fast Lane” which let’s the protocol capture arbitrage flows that would normally benefit outsiders:

Lastly, all fees from v2.1 and 90% from v3 are being used for BNT buy back to try to help alleviate any deficits across pools.


Thanks Glenn I appreciate it


Is there any chance I will ever get my money back? I have been holding on to hope. I see BNT is up a bit but I have less than ever to be able to get my funds back

The deficit dashboard in my original message is now reachable via Dune:

regarding your other question, no one or I can make any guarantees about the deficit recovery in either Bancor v2.1 or Bancor v3. As previously mentioned, there have been certain actions taken by the Bancor DAO since 6/19/22 to try to recover the deficit and some pools have recently been disabled after entering surplus.

Ultimately, a timeline nor any guarantees can be provided and there are many factors that affect that deficit in one token pair vs another token pair. With that said, please follow up with any questions in our communication channels in discord or telegram as these forums are meant for Bancor governance and not for providing support.