Magic Is Real: How Applying "Skins" To Business Logic Makes Life Brighter

Hello fellow Bancorians (Mine now :grin:). @Jefe-fintechv1 brought up a skookum as frig idea recently, and I wanted to expand upon why I think it’s such a revolutionary idea.

There are many ways to view and represent the same thing. Let’s have an example:

The Ethereum Network, a smart contract platform. At a cost of Ether, the network's native token, you can deploy smart contracts, which are programs that define business logic and handle value in the form of tokens via transactions, and which can be interacted with by users of the network, or even by other contracts.


The Ethereum, an arcane aura that exists all around us. Using Ether, which is the substance underlying the fabric of the Ethereum, you can cast enchantments that manipulate the Ethereum to produce specific effects, and which can be used by casters and non-casters alike, or even other enchantments.

I’m no marketing specialist, and I’m no fantasy/science fiction writer or anything like that. But hopefully I’ve demonstrated my point.

To most people, Business Is Boring™ (not to me, but I’m super nerdy) and High Technology Is Scary™ (ditto). By taking our core business logic, and then abstracting it away under the skin of some kind of “simpler” (or just different than business) setting which is more fun to think about and picture yourself interacting with, we can make our system much more appealing to those who aren’t already in the crypto space, and we can even make using the system directly into a fun experience. We don’t even need to stick with just one, we could potentially have many such frontends tailored toward specific analogies.

Let’s assume for a moment I’m not a total geek who does spreadsheets for fun. I might not necessarily want to think about profit margins and other business-related concepts. But what would be awesome is being told I can literally summon money.

A shining example of this design approach is the Botania Mod for Minecraft. Botania is, mechanically speaking, a tech mod, and it even says so in the project description. But looking at it, you don’t see tech, you see magic, and if you look closer it’s magic which does things tech does, to the point where mod goes out of its way to never show you the numbers directly; magic doesn’t deal with numbers, not in my experience. The end result is the same; your ore is doubled or whatever it is you happen to be trying to do, but the process appeared much less technical and was consequently easier to think about. It’s a fun abstraction of industrial processes that makes the whole system easier to fit in your head.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share. Would like to hear discussion.


I like where you’re going with this even though it may be outside of the team’s core focus. I suppose we could combine this in some way with the marketing plan discussed in Automatically allocate 2% of fees to marketing, form a team and draft a grant request to the Bancor foundation. That is if I understand how things work at all, which I may not.

I’ve got lots of marketing experience, and love sci-fi so I would be happy to chip in.