Discussion: Presence in Decentraland

Short and sweet one, the idea isn’t complicated at this stage. I’ve been floating around Baldr-Amber in Decentraland for a bit now. There’s a lot of neat things here, and some (apparently) empty space. I’d like to see some discussion on possibly building a presence here; Bancor terminals in the casinos (they usually have some kind of exchange mechanism, which we can obviously improve upon), Bancor ads in the plazas (MetaZone has ads available, the ones I’m seeing are ~30 MANA/day), maybe even a BancorDAO building if we can get a decent chunk of LAND?

I think virtual worlds are going to be a big winner on Ethereum when you consider that VR technology is getting better. (Personal experience: it’s skookum as frig.) We need to eventually capture that market somehow.

As for terminals, here’s an interesting piece that lets you swap tokens from within Decentraland. Perhaps we could develop something similar down the road?


I don’t know much about decentraland but would be good to see the effectiveness of things. also how to people buy MANA through the game ? is there some sort of grand exchange-esque marketplace? could bancor’s network be plugged in some manner into these exchange mechanisms and how much of a userbase/volume pass through these areas.

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I’m not sure how MANA is bought in-game; I’m 100% certain we can improve upon it somehow, though. I’m certain Bancor’s systems can be plugged into existing exchange mechanisms, the difficulty is in getting people to do it. As far as volume, well… I’ve not seen much, to be honest. I’m not suggesting we devote serious time to this right now, since the userbase seems to number in the hundreds. But it’s easy to access, so maybe we could start by having regular meetings there? There’s even a voice chat mechanism in beta so we can all talk to each other! This could be a great community booster. There’s also a trade center in Genesis Plaza!

EDIT: Maker’s Place has a POAP dispenser on their parcel. What if someone were to organize an event for Bancor and utilized this system? I’d be willing to put time into meetings there, I’d be happy to organize events that we could potentially use POAP for as well. Is there an interest for such a thing, I wonder? Again, I think it’d be a great community thing!

Think the future potential of this stuff is really cool but I had a little run around Decentraland the other day and thought it was quite clunky and underwhelming.

Keeping my eye on it but not really sold as is.

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Might not be a bad idea given our advertising push when V3 comes out. @nhindman might be worth looking at?

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Great one to test, thanks for flagging. We’ll add into paid channels to run experiments on.