Anyone here interested in building up the Bancor EOS ecosystem?

Unknown to many ETH users, EOS also has it’s own Defi/Dapp ecosystem and it’s running quite well for now. These includes Defibox, Defis, pTokens, Newdex, EOSDT , Vigor, Boid, EOSDAC, DMD, Genpool… etc., with their AMM, orderbook DEX, stable coins, lending, mining etc. Bancor already has it’s own EOS well-established framework which can be put in use immediately but seems like not much attention on this side. For now only IQ and DICE is using Bancor on EOS for their services.

I think the projects and DACs above :turtle: are willing to provide the resources needed for the very basic liquidity and token economies, but I’m quite surprise there isn’t for now. This may link Bancor to the world outside ETH and plenty of resources before the gas fee problems are solved. So I’m trying to linking up things together.

May I ask are there any EOS HODLers here and are interested in developing the EOS ecosystem? And is there any official EOS community fund wallet existing? Thanks.



What did you have in mind?

Seems not much voice here. Firstly of course fixing the bugs that stll exist like can’t add new pairs and else or just let Bancor become part of the history. Then the 5 suggestion I’ve listed in another post:

  1. EOS Proxy which provide interests for the EOS in the pool,
  2. more crosschain product like those from ptokens,
  3. cooperation with lending and stable coin platforms like Vigor and else,
  4. the single/double side protection,
  5. a EOS funding account for DAO etc.
    Then can see if BNT can be listed on different exchange like newdex and eosfinex.

Of course all these requires developers to achieve or Bancor will just faded away as a cross-chain protocol.

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Are you a developer, or are you connected to any developers who are working on EOS?

I’m not. I know some but they are busying with other EOS Defi projects for now. I suggest use BNT hiring some to maintain the protocol if no one is doing the job. Now it shows the error of fail to fetch for each transaction.

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There may be grants available.

I honestly don’t see that ecosystem growing and being used (sadly, I was once a supporter of EOS). Resources are limited and I’d suggest to focus on what matters most.