Add Liquidity Mining rewards for bDigg and bBadger

bDigg and bBadger have just been approved and whitelisted in Bancor! Proposal to Whitelist Badger Sett Tokens: bBADGER and bDIGG

The next step will be to add liquidity mining rewards for bDigg and bBadger. As one of the biggest defi communities already and only growing, the liquidity will flow into Bancor and greatly increase the Bancor community. bDigg being added to Bancor was the reason that brought me into Bancor and I will add 1m in BNT to the bDigg pool and I am sure many more bDigg and Bbadger will join Bancor.

Thank you for your vote


Second this. Definitely would like to see badger support in BNT.

Would love to see this, Huge liquidity potential.

All for it. Being able to use bDIGG and bBadger as liquid assets is a huge opportunity for both Badger and Bancor.

Very much in favor. Nice choice.

Excuse my ignorance, but I didn’t know that this could be proposed outwith bancor the team. I’m all for and believe this will get the necessary approvals based on the initial whitelisting result. However, if this passes does it guarantee liquidity mining and assumin so, who sets the rewards? Could this be at the expense of the ‘big boys’ who’s current liquidity mining incentives finish in a couple of weeks?

There is no need to confer with the team. We are a decentralized project.

This is great, but honestly useless unless there is more space for people to add bDIGG and bBADGER to the pool. I’ll vote yes to this, but just like proposal #37 by Cryptomessiah for ROOK, we need to vote on whether or not Bancor should contribute to expand the pool size with investment of BNT from the coinvestment pool. I’m traveling at the moment or I’d write it up and propose it.

Yes we will also have to increase the space. Right now we need the same supporters for the proposal to whitelist bdigg and bbadger to help vote on this on bancor in order to get this quorum

I would be happy to vote in Liquidity Mining rewards if the bbadger / bdigg pool configurations can be updated to create a mutually beneficial situation for both platforms.

Because b tokens such as bbadger and bdigg are representative of badger / digg tokens within a vault, they are not extensively traded elsewhere.
The underlying badger / digg are also highly liquid on their own.

Because of this, there is no real benefit, IMO, to having a competitive pool fee on bbadger / bdigg pools.

I Suggest making an alternate proposal.

Bbadger / Bdigg pool fees raised to 1%.
Bbadger / Bdigg coinvestment increase to 5million BNT each.
Addition of liquidity mining rewards to both pools.

The badger community is forged from diamond hands and all walks of defi.
The vast majority of badger / digg are staking within these vaults.
Because of this, and a lack of use cases for the issued b Tokens, I believe there will be a very high subscription to single sided pools on Bancor.

If the community can get liquidity to a certain threshold with the higher coinvestment limits, I believe that the volume generated from the arbitrage on bbadger / bdigg vs badger / digg at a 1% fee would make LM rewards well worth it for BOTH the bancor and badger communities.

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This needs to happen. Thank you @Cryptomessiah for submitting the proposal.

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