Add LM rewards for Rook - Bnt

I’m proposing to give LM rewards to Rook/BNT.

In less than a week, and without LM rewards, Rook/BNT has become the 13th most liquid pairing on bancor.

At the time of writing this post, that liquidity stands at 12.5m usd vs uniswap’s 14m usd.

With just 14m of liquidity on uniswap, the uniswap liquidity pool is consistently churning over 7m usd volume per day.

With the newfound liquidity on bancor, aggregators are beginning to include bancor in routing for orders > 40 eth.

If we can surpass uniswap in liquidity, we can effectively capture almost any traffic from aggregators.

Adding LM rewards for rook would allow this liquidity to grow / surpass available liquidity on uniswap, as incoming BNT stakes would free up more space for coinvestment.

Due to the nature of Rook’s Hiding Game and the consistent daily volume it creates on the market from arbitragers, I believe that with LM rewards + Pool fees, the Rook/Bnt pool could become one of the highest APR pools on bancor.

Edit to add:
Rook/Bnt has maxxed out its 1M coinvestment budget! Passing this proposal will be crucial to further growing this pool. The pool currently stands at 13.7M in liquidity.


As a BNT/ROOK LM provider I fully support this


Solid proposal. Thanks for the initiative. Let’s get this liquidity up and the volume pumping.


This pool has been thriving already, showing us that we can build on a strong relationship between our two communities by introducing LM. I’ll be voting in favour of this proposal


It’s time to make Bancor one of the most liquid DEXes in the space. Fully support this.


This is a great proposal. Fully support


chad proposal, lets pass this

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Fully agree. Would love to see this happen

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As a BNT/ROOK holder I fully support this

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If the pool is filling up instantly without LM rewards why is there a need to pass them? I am a bit confused on how this will benefit BNT and why it is needed since the pool has only been around for a very short time.

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the whole point of LM is to get people to stake in the pool but that is not an issue here so why use that bullet now? There are tons of top coins that are not covered on BNT as of now where it would make more sense to use the precious LM rewards then a lower tier volume coin. Just my two cents.

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I (and others) provided ROOK liquidity knowing it would fill up fast (on the assumption LM rewards would be coming). Without LM rewards I (and others) would pull the liquidity


Disagree. LM rewards are useful for ensuring stickiness of liquidity.

By granting LM rewards to Rook, we ensure that Bancor maintains high liquidity relative to uniswap as bnt stakers take advantage of the LM program / free up coinvestment budget.

Yup. Much of the liquidity is pulled w/o rewards :slight_smile:

so basically you will collect rewards and pull after, you are basically proving why I am against this or at least bringing up the discussion. We don’t need a pump and dump pool for Rook of people who are very shortsighted. Please provide a better argument than this to be considered.

Also based on market volume there is no need to raise more liquidity for Rook so that point does not make any sense.


also for anyone reading here the ROOK pool has generated 800 dollars in total fees on the current liquidity on a record volume day. It will only decrease from here… What is the benefit to Bancor to pay out multiples more than this in rewards for a pool that generates so little?

Fully support this proposal. Would love to see LM rewards for providing ROOK, but more importantly, the pool is currently limited in capacity. We need to extend it to allow more participants into this mix, including myself :slight_smile:

Rook community made the rook/bnt pool the #13 pool by liquidity on bancor in less than a week.

How is this not a proper use of rewards? To ensure stickiness of liquidity in what is now one of the most liquid pairings on bancor?

I think Rook serves as a fantastic example of EXACTLY the kind of communities that should be rewarded… people who have put their $$$ where their mouths are.

The liquidity is there. Let’s focus on keeping what we have / growing.
I would argue that this is a clearer case for LM rewards than… let’s say… “hey let’s try and put rewards on something so that there is liquidity…”

You’re just hoping and praying at that point. Rook community has done their part. Time for bancor community to do theirs.

Chicken / Egg problem… but doesn’t matter which one comes first

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Yep! Lot of people in your shoes. The hope is that incentivizing bnt liquidity with LM rewards frees up coinvestment space so more of the Rook community can provide liquidity.

Ik for a fact that there is more demand.

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This proposal is now up for vote!
If you have any questions / concerns, please feel free to air them here.

I’m happy to address your objections.