Proposal to Increase Coinvestment limit on Rook to 1M

I am proposing to increase the coinvestment limit for Rook/Bnt to 1 million bnt.

The initial coinvestment limit was consumed almost instantaneously. Despite a 20k limit, the rook community has added ample liquidity to bring this pool to 1.5m in liquidity, making it a top 20 most liquid pairing on bancor network less than 24h after listing.

As the time of writing, the project has a market cap of ~670m when all coins are considered in circulation.

The team is reputable (same CEO as Ren, which has favorable status on bancor).
The protocol has been audited 3x by the most reputable firms.

KeeperDAO is listed on FTX, partnered with Polychain, Three Arrows Cap, and Alameda.
KeeperDAO has higher 30d revenue generation than platforms like AAVE.
KeeperDAO also has 340M TVL.

The original idea to whitelist rook/bnt was a byproduct of KeeperDAOs lack of an official staking solution for Rook holders (for now). Because of this, there is an extremely high demand for single sided space on the Rook side.

Uniswap has almost 17m usd equivalent in liquidity for Rook.
For bancor to reach an inflection to where it captures a significant portion of on chain Rook volume, raising the coinvestment limit to 1 million bnt is an absolute must!


I will vote FOR on this, $ROOK is the kind of community Bancor was built for and we should help onboard as much of their community as possible.


I will certainly be contributing my ROOK to the pool if this were to pass


I am for the vote on the increase! I made it in the first round, but just shy of what I was trying to put in. I would like to add more if we can get the cap raised.


I vote for this and intent to stake a portion of my ROOK here.


Please sir, I have a thicc stack of ROOK just looking for a home :blush:

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I would stake all of mine as well

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I’d deposit all my $ROOK into Bancor if this passes

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Please, Ser!!! We need to put our $rook into work!

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Wil absolutely stake my Rook here as well.

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I will certainly be staking all of my Rook here. Please make this happen.

When this proposal passes, it will continue the positive feedback loop for bnt/rook holders.

Any rook holders will be looking to make their assets more productive and this is the way to do it.

This should have the rook community’s full support.

It has mine.

Will stake my $Rook stack for at least 6 months fam!

I’m in of this passes.

Will finally put my ROOK to work here.

+1. I agree with this proposal. Make it happen

Sounds like a good way to make assets more useful

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