Viewing balance in ETH

Hi all,
With the old Bancor Wallet, you used to have the option of setting your native currency to ETH. I honestly can’t begin to guess how much this option was used, but I used it and I rather liked it; it helped mentally separate me from TradFi. Is there a possibility we can bring this feature back? I really miss it. I have web development experience, I’ll even take a crack at it, just point me to where I can go do that.


Nice suggestion. Feel free to add this as an issue in the Bancor github: Issues · bancorprotocol/webapp · GitHub


Yeah, that never happened because I don’t/won’t use GitHub, owned by Micro$oft; I think GitHub has actually done significant damage to software development (Micro$oft has certainly done unfathomable damage to software in general), and because of that I will actively refuse to engage their services in any way. It boggles my mind how people so good and dedicated to freedom can, in good conscience, chain themselves to such foul organizations. But that’s a topic for another time.

This issue actually extends beyond just viewing one’s balance in ETH/TKN; you can’t switch to ANY local currency, it’s locked to USD (or seems to be). If it is the case that it’s locked, that is clearly unacceptable for a global service, and I think it should be seen to.

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