High-Level Progress Report

For what its worth, I wanted to give a non-technical progress report from what I see. Hopefully this is helpful for everyone involved in generating ideas, working on the code or writing proposals. Sometimes when things are moving in all directions, its hard to see how things change.

First, I get the sense that within the past week or so the routine visitors and contributors here are all aligned for the good of the protocol. There was a time where things went sideways due to people who (I think) were posting just to add chaos out of anger. It seems to me that even in the more heated discussions of the past few days, they are out of good faith. Solutions are created out of those environments, so there’s utility in disagreements, but to reiterate, I think most everyone here is facing the same direction.

Second, zooming out, there have been some incredible ideas created and implemented in honestly a short amount of time. The three proposals of how to handle fees (Protection, DAI and Yield Throttling) were well thought out and are very encouraging on how quickly solutions can come about. Not to mention the vortex is ready to go at 90% already. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Guthub and all those guys are working their asses off; very much appreciated!

Third, seeing projects reaching out to deposit and be involved in Bancor, even with the current situation, is really encouraging and a testament to all the hard work over the past few weeks. Remember all of the discussions in the Telegram/Discord of how people would “never” trust Bancor again? “Never” comes quickly sometimes. Granted for anyone involved in those projects, correct me if I’m reading too much into things, but I’m glad you’re here.

Finally, I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of additional revenue generation and that idea development, but if I’ve learned anything over the past weeks/months is that the upside risk is massive if you’re betting against that team. On that note, (full disclosure & NFA) I’ve been buying BNT. There will be volatility ahead, but I’m of the mind that the worst is behind us.

I wanted to get all that down because its hard to see progress if you’re in the middle of it and highlighting how far things have come is important to frame where we can go. The focus on long-term solutions and thoughtful implementation is how the road to repair is paved, which has been a clear trend in this forum. To that end, I think that the probabilities of a thriving protocol are going up, regardless of what the day-to-day macro environment may reflect.

Thanks to everyone’s time and effort invested in all of this, I greatly appreciate it.

Sure does feel like we’re gaining momentum doesn’t it?


Hey :wave: @PaperStreetCapital,

Thanks for putting up this thread and I appreciate the encouraging words in your posts to the Bancor community. This has been a tough month for Bancorians and like you, I am also encouraged by the different ideas and solutions being proposed. Like others, I am optimistic about the future and the recovery of the protocol.

There are a lot of folks and teams that do appreciate the original mission of Bancor which was to essentially provide liquidity to long tail assets that otherwise have a tough time getting liquidity in capital markets. To many of these projects, having do go to professional market makers is out of the question due to the high costs associated and Bancor solves this problem. I still believe that Bancor has a great value proposition and while we have been face with a challenge, I think that as a community it is one that we can overcome together.


I could not agree more


highly appreciated message.
support is at all times high and seems that more and more people are offering a helping hand.


Thank you so much for putting this up, @PaperStreetCapital. It really is true when you say:

There isn’t a grand fix all solution, but rather a combination of changes, improvements, implementations, features, etc and without the overall larger vision of what’s happened/happening it can easily be misunderstood as “no solution, no progress”.

Reading your thread- the simple fact that you took the time to express your view on how things are progressing positively- was encouraging and refreshing, and for that, again, thank you :white_heart:


Amazing post :fire::fire:. Glad to see another fellow Bancorian here expressing their support for the protocol. Yes, we are gaining momentum and also very optimistic about the future.


Thank you for the support, it’s been a challenging time for everyone involved but progress is being made and I’ve never been more optimistic for the future of Bancor <3