WL for Ultra UOS

Token: $0.4088 | Ultra Token (UOS) Token Tracker | Etherscan

I’ve been hearing a lot about this coin, I think they are pre product launch but already has a good community.

It also seems like we can get them on Bancor now, and become their go-to DEX before their product is live.



That IS some tasty-looking volume. We should look into capturing some of the market to see how quickly a potential pool might grow to a small limit, then proceed from there.


WL would seem a bit risky since they may moon post listing, but they would be a good option for token-sided IL support if their community were willing to do so.

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Why do you think they will moon soon? Token has been around for a long time.

The new product launch, Wave 2. I guess it depends on its success and potential demand for their token

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Looks Delicious

@ccc couldn’t have said it better myself

@Sjwill I don’t think we should exclude tokens because we believe their price will move one way or the other, we should be happy to help these communities with their IL as they will reciprocate and choose us as their go to platform. Although a lot can be said about how greatful communities that have suffered tremendous IL and then moved to bancor are aswell.


Good idea for a proposal, thank you @eldude!

Is their community aware of Bancor? Can we expect their team to share the whitelisting proposal on their socials?

Also, just as an FYI, seems like the project has been audited.

Agreed. In addition, since the liquidity stays for the IL we must focus on trading volume. UOS clearly has it. The key is whether their community will come trade with us. As @tfns notes,

We should definitely engage their community prior to sending this to a vote to make sure there are internal champions to help bring both liquidity and volume.

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@eldude Stephen has reached out to the their community, can you write a proposal? I can draft it or help if you want!


Amazing! Your proposals are among the finest I have seen. Please take it away!

Ultra’s new chain is online now. It’s a custom EOSIO chain, and as such the ERC20 tokens will be migrating over and will be burned. I don’t know how long there will be a market for the ERC-20. Probably a bit longer though.

The team indicated the have no plans of ending the ERC20