Live Interactive Trading Charts

Hello Everyone !
I wanted to propose/recommend we add interactive trading charts to the main swap page. One of the primary things I look in exchanges when I’m trading rather than investing is good charting and tooling. By far the best data analytics and I think others will agree, is trading view. I know trading view has worked with other projects that do analytics so it shouldn’t be hard to integrate with them should we want to. This could also be super helpful to also keep track of positions and orders visually rather than having to look at the table at the bottom of the page. Either way tho I’m sure the team could also build it in house but it could be changed to look like so (Keep in mind, I am no artist lol).

2 Things I think Are Really Important

  • Tooling - Sufficient amount of Lines and Geometric Shapes, Essential Commonly Used Indicators (like Fib Lines), for traders Candle Graphs > Line Graphs imo.
  • Plot Limit Orders automatically when a user executes it. That is to say the user shouldn’t have to draw his entry into the chart every time he puts in an order.
    • With this a really cool and useful feature among brokers is the option to edit ur order by dragging and dropping the limit orders interactively rather than editing the order with a keyboard.

Another Thing I wanted to say is we could also have a button like that of coinbase “pro” where when you click the pro button you can go from the simpler swap interface to a more advanced interface more suited for trading rather than investing.


Agreed it’s important is this a build from scratch or integration? What’s the maintenance load for devs or is it a set and forget thing.

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Also agree it’s important and a good incentive for traders.

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Great idea Tenzent, we certainly need some charts on bancor. The button to enable “advanced” mode is a must though, some people like to keep it simple and don’t want to see all those candles and lines when making an investment. Hence why coinbase (&uni) got so succesful in the first place, keep it stupid simple, but have the option to give the advanced traders what they need.


We need this it’s a great idea, let’s look like a polished CeX but dex in the background. I’d also love to see an android/ios app to bring in the masses!


Hopefully, this is already on the dev team’s radar since it is naturally the next step in improving the swap interface. I agree with the existing sentiment shared here that this is a must have for us in the future (not sure what the current priorities are but this should be added to the backlog if it isn’t there already). Also, I think that 1inch does a good job in having a clean interface if we want to compare what other DEXes are doing with a similar trade UI.


I really like this idea, but I don’t like this one:

And both are for the same reason; I think we should do one thing and do it well, and at the end of the day, our protocol expresses a relationship:
A >>= B >>= C
Where A is the input token, B is the Bancor Network Token, and C is the output token. If I correctly understand the term (category theory/computation theory majors correct me if I’m wrong) Bancor is a monad, in the functional programming sense. That is to say, we are a function with a built-in “data” type, an abstraction of the trade. The upshot of what I’m meaning is, value is transmuted (converted more or less equivalently) from A to C via B and it should happen (from the user’s perspective) immediately; our protocol happens to manifest this behavior wholly and perfectly. On our protocol, a trade order would simply be an extension of that relationship, while the trade view would merely expose it and make the system more transparent. I don’t see any reason why we should devote resources to the former when we could focus our efforts on becoming a backend for other DEXes and let them handle the order frontends; that seems like it would be far more profitable for the DAO in the long run. Investing a small amount of dev time into exposing the system more and making the data accessible to potential frontends again seems a worthwhile investment.

I see improving the swap interface as a trader incentive - thus definitely something to be done. Dev effort needed is not excessive. Driving traffic to swap directly on Bancor is important at the moment to increase volume. In the current AMM landscape, a lot of the volume is still coming from traders directly swapping on the platforms so we should capitalise on that.

I’ve made a mockup of a simple trader UI redesign that was appreciated in the Bancor LP chat.

An issue to redesign the swap widget has been created on GitHub, which indicates the team is looking into this.


I would trade on this.

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This is HIGH on our list of priorities in the front-end. It requires updates to our historical APIs. As you can see in our weekly dev update from last week, we are making progress on historical APIs:

We should have a design to share soon showing how these charts will appear in

I’ve surfaced this thread with front-end design and all of the ideas here are being taken into account

As always, you can track front-end progress and request features on the UI github: GitHub - bancorprotocol/webapp: Bancor Swap/Analytics webapp