Please can we get a statement from the foundation regarding the trading UI delay?

The trading UI update/redesign was first mentioned in the February 2021 Progress Report on Medium (Bancor Progress Update (February 2021) | by Bancor | Bancor): redesign

Bancor has invested heavily in building the world’s most advanced AMM system, offering features that can’t be found anywhere else. The system is now superbly prepared to exhibit our rich smart-contract functionality in the UI. We have made several key hires to completely redesign, with the new site expected in the next 1–2 months.

While our LP features will continue to evolve, we have also renewed our focus on improving the user experience for traders. This will include better analytics, charting tools and faster execution times.

It is now 5-6 months on from this post. The github keeping track of progress for this project (Bancor v2 UI · GitHub) has not moved in months.

“Weekly Dev Updates” began to be posted to Medium on April 29th 2021. These lasted four weeks but have also stopped since the end of May.

Given that increasing trading volume has been a key goal of Bancor during this period, and the new trading UI was meant to be one of the key strategies in achieving this, it’s disappointing that the DAO has not been kept up to date with what is going on here.

Please can we get a statement addressing the delay, the current status of the redesign, its priority status relative to dev time elsewhere, etc. Thank you very much.

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Hey @Question_Asker
Thanks for raising your concerns.
We’ve been continuously shipping updates and improvements to the UI as soon as they’re ready. It looks like you’ve linked to an old repo.

Here’s the most recent one where you can see the latest updates: Issues · bancorprotocol/webapp · GitHub

As you can see in recent months we’ve pushed things like limit orders, in-line USD calculations in the swap UI, swap & LP notifications, and other interface updates & improvements.

There is currently a backlog of changes to the swap UI which are being worked on in a private repo. These updates are now in QA and will go live in the coming weeks including charts in the swap UI. We’re excited to get these changes out and continue improving the swap experience.

As you’ve noted, attracting traders to is crucial to drive higher revenue to LPs and the protocol. In addition, we’ve recently shipped a new API that makes native integration of Bancor swaps into wallets and other apps significantly easier and we’re aggressively pushing wallets and apps to integrate. If there is a wallet that you think would benefit from our swaps (or yield products), please let us and them know. Here’s the API: API Reference - Bancor Network

It’s also worth noting that a lot of the dev work currently underway is on Bancor V3 - developing both the contracts and the UI to support the protocol’s new functionality. Due to competitive risk, these updates are being worked on in a private repo until more info is shared on the specific V3 features. You can keep tabs on our progress via our weekly open community calls, with call summaries and recordings published on

Please let me know if you have further ideas on increasing community transparency - we’re open to your ideas and have grants available for anyone who wishes to help spread awareness and keep the community informed.


This is fantastic news. Thanks for the information and the thorough response Nate.

I think written monthly progress updates and maybe weekly dev updates are needed. They seem to have dropped off with no explicitly given reason, presumably because a lot of attention is concentrated on v3 for which you cannot share updates, but regardless they should still be done so that the DAO is kept informed on a regular and standardised basis. Even if there is not much to say in any given week or month (though there should be plenty, given all of the recent updates you listed), it is better for us to hear something than nothing.

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It is indeed a challenge right now with much of the team heads down on V3 development that we can’t really share.

That said we are working on a progress report to be out by the end of the month and will aim to have them on a monthly basis. We will also restart the dev updates and aim to produce them every two weeks. Our community calls and call summaries will continue weekly.

Thanks for your suggestions and patience lately as the team focuses on building what will be our largest and most significant protocol upgrade to date. Any further questions you can always feel free to contact me on telegram @natehindman