Change The UI of

Can someone change the UI of Bancor Network

It’s not visually appealing. It should mirror more of a Uniswap look to maintain a modern look or Pancake swap for the future digital defi look.

More people would use the network if the UI looked more attractive with larger easy to read icons.


Have you tried changing to dark mode ? When I did that I started liking the UI.

Dark mode should be the default setting

I was thinking exactly the same thing for the Dapp. The Dapp is essentially useless as is and is not mobile optimized. This is a big volume killer.

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this is literarily the next update boys, just give the team a little bit.

P.S. dark mode is OP


Dark mode should be default but it’s not enough, the entire UI doesn’t match other used DAPPs

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For the market cap that BNT has you’d think this would be a critical part of their DevOps team ASAP.

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"Since the launch of Bancor v2.1, the platform and community messaging has catered to liquidity providers, almost exclusively. The Bancor UX is populated with a feature-rich interface for LPs, but not necessarily for traders. This is changing.

Strategic integration with KeeperDAO is allowing for limit orders to be introduced into the front end. This is the start of a new effort to furnish Bancor’s environment with features that are better aligned with increasing trade volumes, rather than liquidity only. The new trader-centric UX will continue to develop, guided by community feedback.

To inaugurate the limit order functionality and UX redesign, a new trader incentives program is being designed. The program has not yet been finalized, but may include gas refunds, a trading competition, a specially curated wallet airdrop list, or something similar. The program is intended to build a robust trader community that rivals the size and enthusiasm of our LPs.

The trading incentives program will be presented to the DAO for feedback via the forum, and iterated on within the community, prior to its final publication and vote."


Someone needs to make a smart contract that makes it really easy way for someone like me to present this to rich people in a simple way and go hey, invest x amount to provide liquidity on a given pair like BNT/USDC to receive x interest. Include a headhunting fee in the smart contract.

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Thanks for the feedback. There are some big UI updates in the works. Stay tuned.