Incentivising innovation

Splitting this out from a comment. I see lots of proposals to incentivise marketing, competition. I’m a big believer in building it well, and they will come. Can we possibly focus on incentivising innovation instead?

While the progress is consistent and good, could we increment it. Is the current dev team incentivised sufficiently enough to think this way?

For instance, is there any way to trench reward for “guns for hire devs/testers” to put forward working codes that can be accepted. Set bounties for the Bancor backlog. (This can work for Ideas, architect roles and PMs as well, to incentivise self-organising teams for Bancor modules)

I understand the best way to self-start the proposal. I don’t have deep CS background but am happy to manage the proposal if there are people willing. We do need some discussion over this to map out feasibility, pitfalls with people who are technically savvy.

Potential first step: start with an Organisation Goal, so ideas and builds can be in line with this.

TLDR: Rewards for, innovation, growth, built that into Bancor itself.

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This could be done through a gitcoin grants program for tooling for BNT. we could also give individual grants for platforms to intergrate us, one really good example could be DEXTools since they are heavily used yet dont support bancor pools for data viewing.


Thank you.

What about from within, as in the features of bancor?

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Which features would you suggest utilizing/implementing, exactly?

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Zoom out further. I’m suggesting to open up the roadmap and incentivise anyone to build out pseudo/codes to be reviewed and accepted by the Bancor team. To speed up innovation.

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