Create Ifarm pool

With the success of the Farm coinbase listing, there is bullish sentiment around that coin. It prompted me for the first time to look atht eir platform and what is on offer. What I have noticed is that they have recently (ish)
launched IFARM, and it is very similar to VBNT. The difference however, is it doesn’t seem that easy at present to do anything with IFARM (the intention is to use as collateral in DEFI).

I was wondering if this could be a chance to get first to market and offer a whitelisted IFARM pool. I don’t know enough to confirm if this is a viable proposal, hence in the chat room section.


So iFARM appears to be the interest bearing version of farm (from what I can tell). I am guessing this might be similar to xSushi and some amount of fees from the different strategies go into a vault where FARM LPs can then share that revenue (if you stake there):

FYI, when we first whitelisted Sushi there were some folks that asked us to whitelist xSushi instead so we followed up with that a few months later. I don’t see any reason why we can’t whitelist iFARM if that has demand from the community. Note that there doesn’t appear to be any pools for iFARM yet besides those on Quickswap:


First use case I can see.