(DEPRECATED) Proposal to Whitelist ICHI + LM Rewards


  • 5 different oneTokens (ICHI stablecoins) in 3 months, many more to come.
  • Each community will need an AMM liquidity program for its oneToken.
  • ICHI pays its core team in ICHI-BNT LP tokens
  • 100% fair launch, no pre-sale, no initial team cut
  • 5,000,000 ICHI Hard Cap, 51% circulating
  • ICHI is currently distributed at 0.5 ICHI per block to liquidity providers
  • ICHI halvings distribute the dwindling supply of ICHI without ceasing liquidity rewards

Please read and comment on the full proposal here: Proposal: Whitelist ICHI-BNT Pool - Google Docs
It is available for editing by anyone with the link.

Next steps:

  1. We have invited a few members of the ICHI community to come and introduce themselves as well as help answer Qs. Many are already BNT holders. We even make payroll in ICHI-BNT.

  2. Please create an ICHI channel (perhaps in Discord) to discuss this proposal.

Arigatō, Masa


Thanks Masa! Hey all I am Daniel from the ICHI Core team and we are very excited about this whitelisting. Feel free to ask any questions here, on the ICHI Telegram (Telegram: Contact @ichifarm), or on our Discord. Check out our Docs (https://docs.ichi.farm/) to learn more!


ICHI Discord: (https://discord.gg/ppkkHAbj)


no. strongly disagree.

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I doubt that the community would vote for this proposal (I wouldn’t) but if the ICHI folks are interested in being in Bancor then you should look at Origin Pools which might go live soon:

Origin pools allow new token projects to bootstrap BNT-based pools with ETH
LPs provide dual-sided liquidity, with the ETH side protected from IL

You can read more about them in the March 2021 Update.

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Yes! So many crypto projects talk about the need for more stablecoins. Supporting ICHI with Whitelist on Bancor would help the the progression of stablecoins.

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This is great, I first read about ICHI in the Sushiswap forums a while back. Hands down this is the most straightforward approach to creating a token based stablecoin that keeps its peg, and is actually governed by the community.

I hold both vBNT and ICHI, I would vote yes for this and also stake in the ICHI <> BNT pool


Maybe we should set up a channel in Discord or an AMA to handle some of the Qs and polish off the proposal. Who can help with that?

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We are actually more bullish on BNT than ETH. This is why we started paying the core team with BNT-ICHI LP tokens. I know a lot of BNT holders will vote positively on this proposal and hope you will be one of them.

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$15.7M in TVL (over 34% weekly increase) … ICHI Weekly Review — Week 11 (March 8–14, 2021) | by Daniel Tal | ichi.farm | Mar, 2021 | Medium

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Hi Masa!

I would like to work with you on developing this proposal. While I appreciate the brevity of it (a short proposal is a good proposal), the whitelisting process is extrememly challenging, and requires a fairly high standard of presentation to be compelling.

Reach out to me on telegram (@MB_Richardson), and I would be happy to help get this over the line.

I recommend splitting this up

first proposal: Whitelist
second proposal: LM rewards.

That is terrific! Would you like to schedule a call to talk through it and discuss next steps? If so, please PM me. Nevermind - I see the telegram above - reaching out.

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Thanks for the call, Masa!

I am very happy to be considering ICHII for whitelist status, and after discussing the details of the project with you, I am convinced that there are no security risks that would prohibit IL protection on it.

I am looking forward to seeing the new proposal on our governance boards.