Automatically close pools that are out of deficit

Around 24 hours ago the DIP pool was out of deficit. I notified a few team members about this and got a response from Jen that the team was notified. 5 hours later and the DIP pool was still open and back into deficit.

It feels like the team doesn’t take the deficit issue serious at all. I posted some feedback on the situation on Telegram and nobody has responded 24 hours later. So maybe through this way I can receive an official response from the team?

I personally have a lot of money ‘stuck’ inside of Bancor. There are like 10+ AmaZix admins in Telegram channels 24/7. But it’s too hard to monitor pools that are out of deficit and close them?

Every pool that closes can be considered a win for everyone. I personally feel very bad about not being able to reach the team and not getting a proper response. You want my and others trust to solve the situation, but the moment a pool can be closed there’s no team member to be found to close it.

So my question: can we get automatically close pools that are out of deficit and if not is there a way to monitor it by the team 24/7 and team members get a notification once pools are (nearly) out of deficit?

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A public function is being worked on where anyone can freeze a pool if:

  1. The DAO has given approval
  2. It is in surplus

This is the public function anyone can call