ETH / Chainlink vault deficit?

Hi guys,
why vault deficit for ETH and Chainlink pools not decreasing but even increasing ??? I see that there is trading and some fees, but still, it will be almos t2 years til lIm put in Bancor my ETH and Link and deficit still more than 60% for ETH and 35% for Link :frowning:
Is there going anything to the right way for people who put their crypto in Bancor ???


The deficit in Bancor v3 is a function of how BNT performs vs the TKN it is paired against. If BNT outperforms TKN then the deficit for that pool goes down. If TKN outperforms BNT then the opposite happens and the deficit can get worse. If you want to track the deficit for pools over time, then this Dune dashboard has the details:

Note that since liquidity protection was disabled, a few pools in Bancor v3 have been brought back into surplus. You can read more about that here:


hi Glenn,
thanks for fast reply. I will read thoroughly on medium about Bancor v3 progress update.
Im more on the user side, so protocols, coding and โ€œunder surface stuffโ€ is difficult to me :slight_smile:
looking forward for v3 pools restore deficit.

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