Proposal: Give 48 More Hours For Migration to v3

I am not sure if there’s anyway to do this. But I’ve been a long time supporter of the Bancor protocol. I have been very confused and not been able to understand the full consequences of v2 to v3. I came back in the discord several days ago after a friend of mine advised theres some important discussions of v2 to v3 migrations.

I was under the assumption that since the v2 protocol was being deprecated, we were going to be auto migrated to v3 unless we voted against it. It’s clearly a large misunderstanding on my part. I literally have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of coins that I have been saving over the years and would just need 24 hour window to migrate to v3. Or at least give those of us up to 48 hours to migrate and provide liquidity as opposed to being forced to take a loss is all I’m asking.

I believe in Bancor and have been an LP for over 2 years. Please just allow migrations for 24 to 48 more hours.

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There is no problem at all to remain in v2.1.

You are not forced to withdraw.

You can:

  1. Stay in 2.1
  2. Withdraw
  3. Monitor the deficit and time your withdraw