About the Vote Delegation category

Vote Delegation

This category serves two purposes:

  1. Community members can announce their ambition to represent the voice of others in governance decisions.
  2. Community members can search for representatives to whom they may consider delegating their voting power.

There are no stringent rules for how DAO members choose to delegate their voting power, or how community members wish to express their political views and/or campaign for votes to be delegated to them. However, some helpful guidelines are presented here that aim to make the process as open and frictionless as possible.

Those seeking to delegate voting power to others

This category is to serve as a platform for other community members to advertise their willingness to represent others in governance. The threads contained herein will feature DAO member-created material that opines on DAO operations, their personal voting philosophy, and general thoughts on various issues affecting the protocol. From this collection of self-nominated DAO volunteers, you will have access to a range of possible delegates with whom you can discuss your own views to determine the best fit.

It is recommended that you check the voting habits of your preferred delegate on a semi-regular basis. If you feel they are not representing your personal views, or have failed to participate in the majority of decisions, it may be worth seeking a new delegate to represent you.

Those seeking to represent others in DAO decisions

This category is a useful platform to announce your willingness to shoulder the responsibility of representing the voice of others. There are no requirements to qualify as a delegate, save for your own self-nomination. Delegate authority is essentially automatic with the creation of a dedicated topic, and the posting of an Ethereum address or ENS domain to which votes should be delegated.

It is recommended that you maintain your thread regularly. Some inspiration for maintaining a healthy delegate thread is provided here:

  • Describe your general voting philosophy.
  • Be active in community discussion boards.
  • Announce ahead of time how you will vote on weekly proposals.
  • Be available to discuss governance issues on your own thread.
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