@Banclord Delegation


As a part of an effort to fight off a few whales from controlling the DAO, I used the @Banclord account to raise awareness and increase participation in the Bancor DAO. This effort proved to be successful and has now helped renew rewards for LINK, WBTC, and Stablecoin pools, overriding the previous effort of whales.

One of my main concerns with the campaign is that new vBNT stakers may not want to be part of the active DAO community. If that turns out to be true, reaching quorum may prove to be more challenging than before, especially for Whitelists.

Therefore, I have created the ETH wallet above for anybody that would like for me to represent their vBNT voting interest to help reach quorum while representing the best interests for Bancor.

My main objective will be to help reach quorum on votes more than any interest in influencing the vote one way or another. Generally that means that I’ll vote with the majority of voters, not the majority of vbnt.

Furthermore, I believe that Bancor’s growth and health matters more than any short-term changes to pump BNT/vBNT prices. If Bancor is fundamentally doing well, then the prices of BNT/vBNT will follow. I am in this for the long-game, not a pump and dump and will vote as such.

Finally, I’ll be sure to announce my voting stances ahead of time on @Banclord so that people may provide their point of view and/or remove their vBNT delegation before my vote if they don’t agree with my stance.


Where can delegators reach you? May I suggest providing links, given today’s diversity of communication methods and services?

This is a good idea. I’ve adopted this practice, and furthermore I think it should be expected of delegates.

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Delegates can reach me on Twitter if they have any questions for me.



The @Banclord Twitter account is relatively new, and has already found a strong following. The special advantage of this delegation choice is its ability to leverage social media influence, use of memes, etc. to bring attention to BancorDAO proposals. I was present when #Bancorian entered the community vernacular on telegram, and watched on as the #Banclord term was coined and put to use via Twitter. The ability to affect changes in language and concepts is an elegant demonstration of influence, and qualifies @Banclord for vote delegation in my view.

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