Whitelisting Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem projects (ERC-20 tokens) ASAP

With the Kusama parachain auctions about to start soon (Date not declared yet) , It would be really beneficial for Bancor if Bancor could whitelist pools of tokens that are expected to win the Kusama parachain slots.

One such example is Phala Network(Really high probability of getting a Kusama parachain slot)

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yooow, the team is still working on the cross-chain polkadot bridge (https://blog.bancor.network/bringing-bancor-to-polkadot-4a9a0e996916) until then i don’t think it’s possible for DOT and KSM. Phala is a different story though and I would vote for it. If you want to redirect your thread to Phala or a different parachain i’d edit the title and give some more general safety info on the respective chain (i.e. tokens supply distribution, mint functions, audits, etc.) whitelisting should include mostly info about security since it is essentially an application for insurance.


Apologies for the poorly written article. I meant whitelisting the ERC20 token versions of the “polkadot ecosystem” projects. Most of the volume of the “polkadot ecosystem” is in the erc20 form and would be for several more months .

Edit: Edited the title to make it more clear

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i wasn’t aware of an erc-20 of dot and kusama though if u can link it we’d still have to look at the security of the foundation/dao bridgin the token and their bridge.

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Agreed no erc-20 versions of dot and kusama are there right now.

Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem projects:

Amongst these , our focus should be on whitelisting the ones that have an erc20 token and are likely to win a parachain slot in the auctions.

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