Reevaluate the thread deletion process

Hello Bancor community,

It has come to my attention that a contributor/moderator removed a proposal without even offering a reason. A few hours ago @Jindo opened a thread about formally asking the foundation for a bail out, but it was removed in under 10 minutes. It is interesting to see how it can weeks for proposals to get pushed to voting while posts the foundation doesn’t like get removed in a matter of minutes.

My proposal is to strip the moderation rights from the person who did this and to reevaluate who should have which rights and how the deletion of threads is handled. I think threads should only get deleted in a matter of minutes if they are full of slurs or complete nonsense, in all other cases a discussion should be allowed. My suggestion is that contributors now only can request a deletion of a thread, they have to explain why they want to delete a thread and leave it up for a week so the DAO members can understand and discuss if it should be removed or not. After that week, if no conensus is found in the said thread, a proposal will get pushed to vote and the DAO decides if that thread gets removed or stay, could also just be a vote in the thread instead of on snapshot. For cases where someone opens a thread just to insult someone the deletion can happen faster of course, but not for well written proposals community members took time and effort writing.

I know it seems like an unnesseary complicated process but I am afraid we have no other choice, we simply can’t have some individuals censor the community as they please, they showed us that this step is nessecary if we still want to call us DAO and Defi. We simply can’t have this kind of intransparency in a DeFi project, it goes against what blockchain stands for and will make us be taken even less serious in the crypto space. The contributor who deleted the thread is actively damaging the DAOs reputation and legitimacy with their actions and should at the very least explain himself and not be allowed to stay incognito, possibly removing more threads without explaination in the future. It is important that we call such intrasparent actions out. I am fully expecting them to delete this thread too, as my trust in Bancor has been even more damaged but such shady actions, but I thought I would alteast try.

I am happy to have a disussion about how we change the thread deletion process, but it must be changed. This is my first idea:

Vote for this proposal:

Revisit moderation rights of all contributors, strip mod rights from contributors who delete proposals without explaination. Have contributors only be able to request deletion, which will happen in 1 week if no one objects, if someone does the deletion goes to the DAO for vote in snapshot, alternatively it can be a poll directly in the thread. If 50% or more are for a deletion of a proposal, the proposal gets deleted, otherwise it stays open for discussion and will get pushed to snapshot eventually.

Vote against:
Nothing changes, we continue to let contributors delete proposals as they please without even telling the DAO why they had to delete it.

Thanks for reading, looking forward to hear your thoughts on this


Completely agree. Everyone should be accountable, including mods, and as a dao, nobody should have the power to single handedly censoring any petition.


Thx but sadly one cares. Seems like the contributors think a a DAO doesn’t need a gov forum with transparent moderation policies and therefore decided to ignore my thread.

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Something smells fishy for me. Main contributors seem to have an official line and ignore everything else, not even engaging into discussion in other topics. I personally pmed main contributors months ago about proposals and never got an answer. Feels sometimes like they all working for bancor, and proposals from people not working for them get ignored/disregarded


We all would benefit from a more transparent censor free gov forum.

Why is this getting ignored?