Proposal to ask the foundation for a statement

Hello everyone.

I can’t believe the foundation and the founding members other than Yudi stopped communicating with us on all channels.The only thing we got from the foundation was that statement 1.5 years ago after a disgrunteld investor showed up in their Swiss office, radio silence since.They promised 100% ILP and since they broke their promise they are MIA and left us with a few active contributors who refuse to offer a new direction or even talk about features for BNT. This is documented on this forum and the various open threads where they simply ignore community members input or in the Telegram channels were they admitted to sit on their hands due to irrational SEC fears.

If the contributors aren’t doing their job and the foundation acts like it doen’t exist, how can we have still hope in this project? We need a roadmap or atleast a letter from the foundation about further steps, ideally them commiting money to solve the deficit. But it has been made clear in the past we have no right to even ask about them making good on their promise with their ICO money.

So let this proposal be just for a status update, a statement where we stand. What is the foundations role atm, what do they want the Bancor ecosystem to become, where do they see the role of BNT in it? Please talk about what you want, but talk to us. You guys were so active back in 2017 promoting your ICO. Atleast try to spark some posivity in this community by letting us know you still care. Bancor is not dead yet but the behaviour from the foundation and contributors is slowly but surely bringing it to it’s death bed.

Vote For:
Formally ask the foundation (Galia, Guy, Eyal, Yudi and others) to provide us a statement, at the latest 90 days after the proposal passed. This should be enough time to craft a letter and let the legal devision look over it.

Vote against:
Don’t ask the foundation for a statement.

I kindly ask for this proposal to be pushed in Snapshot asap instead of getting ignored and left in the Limbo like others. We can’t accept them leaving us alone in probably the worst situation this 2017 project ever been in.


It has been a week and there hasn’t been anyone speaking out against this proposal. I hereby ask for the proposal to get pushed to snapshot so the DAO can decide.

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Frankly I agree the foundation is the missing piece of the Bancor issue.

No view on their objectives, financials, person in charge, etc.


I ask again that this proposal gets pushed to snapshot. Seems there are no arguments against it and I don’t understand why this is getting ignored. @glenn @foxsteven

There has been other similar proposals around the foundation and you can utilize the search function in the top right to find them.

This one is relevant:

as it has some information around reaching out to the foundation via email ([email protected]).

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I don’t know how asking for a public statement is similiar to asking for a bailout.

Also, they ignore email requests and even if they didn’t it is not the same as a public statement.


Also they promised communication in the last statement. I don’t understand why the contributors seem to be against taking them by their word and asking for them to actually do so. It has been 1.5 years since we heard from them.

The BF is also continuously investigating additional ways to accelerate the recovery and further support the Bancor DAO and will update the community as this research yields material results.


It is relevant because of the contact information that’s provided there in case you need to reach out.

This forum is for the Bancor DAO and meant to discuss features, modifications, parameter changes, protocol design and more.

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I don’t “need to reach out”, I need them to follow their promise and communicate with us. This proposal is asking them for it.

Will this proposal be pushed to snapshot or will the contributors continue to block proposals like this and deny the DAO to vote on it?

Edit: Ok thx for confirming the “DAO” isn’t allowed to vote when it comes to the foundation.


This discourse is for the Bancor DAO and meant to discuss features, modifications, parameter changes, protocol design and more. If you need to get in touch with the foundation there has been contact information provided.

Closing this topic. Reminder, there are guidelines for this forum:

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