Proposal: Whitelist AMP-BNT pool

Token contract address: 0xff20817765cb7f73d4bde2e66e067e58d11095c2

Project website:

Bancor pool (AMP-BNT) contract address: [0x0F4a8a06C22Ba49e98d15223A701062c40873F7a](https ://

Bancor pool trading volume: #17 within 24 hours ($100K+)


Flexa is a payments network founded back in Feb 2018 and is making strides in enabling cryptocurrencies to be spendable at major retailers worldwide. Through the integration of the Flexa SDK, two wallet projects (Gemini Pay and SPEDN) can actively spend at merchants like Nordstrom, Lowes, Gamestop, Petco, and Baskin Robbins. Flexa Capacity is a collateral manager contract for the Amp token that insures instant, secure payments between any digital wallet and merchants’ banks. Flexa allows instant payment settlement by temporarily collateralizing all payments with the Amp token. Due to the security and streamlined nature of this process, merchants utilizing Flexa pay a fraction of what they would pay traditionally on payment processing and fraud resolution.



Amp is a collateral token (ERC-20 compatible) that was co-developed by Flexa and Consensys. Currently, its primary use is securing the entirety of the Flexa payment network ($740M TVL). Amp is staked as collateral for wallet projects in the Flexa Capacity contract, enabling real-time digital payments at merchants. All network proceeds are used to repurchase Amp, distributed as rewards to collateral providers. Amp is open-source and includes a novel collateral partition strategy that allows it to collateralize value transfer without requiring tokens to be moved into staking contracts. Note, Amp was formerly Flexacoin (FXC) but there was a 1:1 swap of the tokens in Sep 2020 to upgrade the partition functionality. [2]

Community and Communication

Flexa has an active Discord and Twitter as well as several information articles on the Flexa blog. Amp, as a token that can function independently of Flexa, has its own active Discord channel (within the Flexa Discord), Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit as well as a separate Amp blog. The founding development team (Tyler Spalding, Trevor Filter, and Zachary Kilgore) collectively have 10+ years of experience in payment solutions at companies including American Express, Raise, and Stripe (acquired by Raise). [3]

Available Audits

Consensys Diligence (June 2020): https ://

Trail of Bits (August 2020): https ://

Other certifications

Approved by the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) as a virtual currency: https ://

Market and Trading Data (as of Feb 11, 2021)

Max total supply: 100B

Circulating supply: 36.3B

Flexa network total value locked: 19.4B AMP (~$740M)

24h trading volume:

#3 Gemini ($15M)

#30 Uniswap ($6.5M)

#13 Balancer ($1M)

#26 Sushiswap ($2M)

#1 Moonswap ($0.8M)


Amp is a digital collateral token that will bring great value and liquidity to the Bancor network. With Bancor’s impermanent loss protection and ability to provide single-sided liquidity, Amp users would be more incentivized to provide liquidity and benefit the Bancor network platform. The team hopes to continue expanding the use cases for Amp, including having it whitelisted on Bancor.


[1] Gemini Pay, https :// ; SPEDN, https :// ; Flexa Capacity, https ://

[2] Consenys, https :// ; Flexa homepage, http :// ; TVL, https :// ; Flexa staking contract, https :// ; Amp whitepaper (collateral partition strategy), https :// ; FXC migration to Amp announcement, https ://

[3] Flexa Discord - includes Amp channel - (official), https :// ; Flexa Twitter, https :// ; Flexa Blog, https :// ; Amp Telegram, https :// ; Amp Twitter, https :// ; Amp Blog, https :// ; Flexa Founders’ LinkedIn, https :// , https :// , https ://


Impermanent loss protection and single sided staking + AMP, sounds like the perfect match!


This will be a great win for both AMP and BNT. This will drive volume & liquidity from other dex’s to Bancor since it’s more attractive to LP on Bancor.


BNT + AMP are an amazing combination. DeFi for the people!!


The AMP community is built on staking and providing liquidity. Over 60% of AMP is currently staked and holders are eager for additional opportunities to earn. As a Bancor user, this feels like it fits just perfectly.


Please join our ecosystem, by including us in yours, Bancor. It would be an honor to be among the whitelisted tokens! Thanks for hearing us.


Flexa/AMP has so many broad applications it would be great for the DeFi community as a whole. Bancor + AMP really seem like a perfect match.


Was very happy to see this posted, I’ve held my AMP since it was FlexaCoin and was really impressed with the team, community and coin itself.

I’ll be voting FOR on this BIP and encourage the Bancor community to do the same. It’s tokenomics are strong and am guessing the volume will increase 10 fold over time.


This is one of the most compliant Cryptos and using it will bring a ton of benefits not only online but offline for both ends of any transaction.


Please put this up for vote, I can commit 5 million AMP to the pool


Heads up, this is up for vote now!


Heads up, the vote is live now!


As a reminder, this vote will require 40% quorum and 66% majority FOR vote to pass!

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I would vote YES on whitelisting AMPtoken. I also will commit to staking 2 million AMP on

I believe in this project.

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If you want to officially vote, see here: Bancor Network


How is quorom calculated?

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It’s 40% of the vBNT staked in the Bancor voting contract. Currently, there’s about 11.2M vBNT staked in it.

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Thanks - I’m waiting for gas fees to drop but that means we have a long, long way to go to get 40%

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Doesn’t seem like we’re going to reach quorum. What are the options here?

Pretty sure that’s our only option. Do most Bancor voters see Twitter more? Would be great if Bancor would tweet about the vote or at least retweet