Proposal to Activate Liquidity Mining for AMP and Increase Co-investment limits to 150k BNT

Proposal to Activate Liquidity Mining for AMP and Increase Co-investment limits to 150k BNT

Evolution between Bancor and AMP, proposal for LM rewards on the AMP/BNT pool. Adding to a comprehensive whitelist discussion:


  • Proposed activation of liquidity mining rewards on AMP.
  • Proposed increase in BNT co-investment to 150K.
  • Target single-asset exposure limit designed to surpass Uniswap liquidity in single stroke.
  • AMP community has the utmost respect for Bancor, and sees the two projects as working together to achieve a lasting, meaningful impact on the world.
  • AMP LPs are staking-natives, not farm-and-dumpers. BNT rewards are likely to be returned en-masse back into the pools.

Voting Instructions

Vote FOR to activate liquidity mining rewards for AMP, and increase the protocol co-investment to 150k BNT,

Vote AGAINST to deny liquidity mining incentives, and leave the co-investment limit at 20k BNT.


The Flexa Network enables crypto-collateralized payments in a real world-facing context. There is currently 19B AMP (441M USD) of spending capacity on the Flexa network [1].

This crypto is diligently compliant with regulations,[1] and led by an experienced team.[2]

The network allows for cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and others to be used to pay for goods and services, while the vendor receives payment in fiat. This ability to settle transactions in national currencies directly from cryptographic assets is solving many current weaknesses in existing payment systems. The payment network is already accepted at leading merchants including GameStop, Nordstrom Rack, Ulta Beauty, Office Depot, Regal, Lowe’s, and others. Such integration with economies outside of cryptocurrency is a profound step towards mass adoption.

Online and offline benefits are apparent, and use of the Flexa Network will bolster the utility, value and trust in the crypto ecosystem. Currently AMP can be traded on Gemini (59%), Bittrex (0.3%), and Poloniex (0.1%).[1], [3]

AMP holders are excited to be involved in yield farming opportunities. Encouraging AMP token holders to stake in Bancor has potential to be the most profitable single asset exposure staking opportunity for AMP tokens available on the market (especially users using Gemini). For Bancor, there is an opportunity to attract and capture a community of token holders that are actively engaged in infiltrating real-word markets and use cases for cryptocurrency.

AMP can be swapped on bilaxy (17%), uniswap (11%), sushiswap (7%), Bancor (0.7%) [3] and moonswap (0.08%),[6] who offers a Conflux L2 solution to lower txn costs for LM incentives which are live since January 14, 2021. Users providing liquidity for the cAMP-cETH pool will earn transaction fees and ongoing MOON utility tokens.[5]

It is a reasonable ambition for Bancor to grow its AMP pool be the dominant source of liquidity on any DEX. Activation of LM rewards creates a positive incentive for AMP HODLers to engage in long term liquidity provision, and become active members of the BNT community.

Total Value Locked Amount
USD 467.1M
ETH 254.7K
BTC 8.1K
AMP Locked 19.27B
% Supply Locked < 0.01%
Blockchain Ethereum
Most Locked $AMP


Flexa have been working with ConsenSys and Trail of Bits to develop enhancements to Flexa Capacity and Flexa network collateralization.[2]

  • Supply of AMP is fixed at 100B AMP

  • Flexa uses its token, “AMP”, to collateralize crypto-payments while they are confirmed on the respective digital asset networks and settles the payment in fiat to the recipient. This solves a few issues that have plagued the crypto ecosystem like slow confirmation times on networks, price volatility, and broad adoption.

  • AMP is the digital asset token used to collateralize payments on the Flexa Network, making them instant and secure. The project is built on Ethereum in accordance with the ERC20 standard for tokens. AMP can be bought and sold for fiat currency or other digital currencies.

  • Amp is a digital collateral token designed to facilitate fast and efficient value transfer, especially for use cases that prioritize security and irreversibility.

  • Amp is an open-source collateral token standard that enables instant and irreversible collateralization of any form of value transfer.

  • Security has dramatically improved for Flexa Capacity and its related smart contracts by moving all major collateralization interactions on-chain. The result is a faster, more reliable, and more robust system for staking and moving collateral between apps.

  • Flexa has added support for Coinbase Wallet and the WalletConnect protocol, along with MetaMask, Rainbow, Argent, Trust Wallet, Gnosis Safe and


  • As collateral, AMP insures the value of any transfer while it remains unconfirmed - a process which can take anywhere from seconds to hours to days. AMP tokens used as collateral are generally released when consensus for a particular transfer is achieved, making them available to collateralize another transfer. In the event that consensus is not achieved for the transfer, the AMP collateral is liquidated to cover losses.

  • Flexa is a payments network that enables fast and fraud-proof payments for merchants all over the world. By using AMP partitions as collateral pools, Flexa can secure payment authorizations while the underlying asset remains unconfirmed, and approve merchant transactions in close to real-time.

  • AMP facilitates instant, verifiable assurances for any pending or future value transfer, so that any actions dependent on the transfer can proceed without delay. By using Amp as collateral, individuals and entities benefit from the security and efficiency of collateral which is transparently attestable on an immutable ledger.

  • AMP is also asset-agnostic; it’s feature set is universally compatible with any form of value transfer, digital or physical, and can therefore be used to facilitate instant, irreversible transactions for any kind of asset.

  • To organize the process of staking collateral on-chain, AMP employs the concept of collateral partitions. For each entity, process, application, or transaction being collateralized, Amp designates a partition that can be accessed or managed by any number of operator addresses, enabling fine-grained control and extensibility over a virtually unlimited set of use cases.

  • Amp smart contracts and related source materials were audited by independent security researchers at ConsenSys Diligence and Trail of Bits.

[2] Medium
[3] Amp price, chart, market cap and info | CoinGecko
[6] MoonSwap

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yes, like this. seems good.


Since this failed to pass previously (most likely due to LM rewards), @issabobissa can you please resubmit this proposal with just a co-investment increase instead? I think we should target for 250K co-investment limit based on what I seen for other Tokens whitelisting proposal in our community and also the liquidity in the different AMMs for the AMP token.