Proposal to whitelist Arcona XR Metaverse

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on Monday July 9th.

Contract Address: 0x0f71b8de197a1c84d31de0f1fa7926c365f052b3

Arcona has passed audit of HashEx in 2018. No one crytical issues was found, onather ones was fixed.
Project website:


  • Whitelist Arcona XR Metaverse (ARCONA)
  • 5K BNT Co-Investment


The Arcona® XR Metaverse merges real and virtual worlds together creating blockchain powered layer of augmented reality all over the planet’s surface. Arcona is the digital ecosystem, marketplace connecting consumers with producers of content and services, making it easy for them to do business in cyberspace.
Arcona is disrupting the global AR market with a solution that reduces interactive projects costs from $30,000 to $ 300 and reduces the time from 3 months to 3 days. We bring simple tools to the mass market that solves the biggest problem - scalability for augmented reality technology.

Our experience

The creators of the Arcona XR Metaverse are Piligrim XXI. It started work in 2013 and immediately entered the international market for AR projects for the tourism industry. In Europe and Russia, we have deployed a whole network of AR parks - large-scale interactive reconstructions of lost architectural monuments and historical events. Our projects still have no analogues in the world in terms of scale and quality of the content.
The startup initially devoted a lot of effort to developing its own technology for remote positioning and 3D content management. The team brought together top-notch developers who completely closed the technology stack, including blockchain, computer vision, artificial intelligence, neural networks, and GIS in tandem with SLAM technology.
In 2017, the idea of the Arcona blockchain metaverse was born, a year later a crowdsale took place and in 2020 the platform was launched with full functionality. Published mobile application Arcona Metaverse is the main browser of the system for demonstrating AR projects. Arcona’s digital lands have covered the entire planet. It has sold more than 1.2 million m2 of digitized land in 20 major cities around the world. Income - over $ 500,000. Now Digital lands have entered the secondary market and can be purchased on NFT’s largest selling portal, OpenSea. Arcona’s AR content is hosted in over 1000 cities around the world. More than 15,000 users are registered in the system.
Today Arcona is the only augmented reality metauniverse in which you can place NFT assets from different virtual worlds in the real world. You can use your NFT content right now and deploy it to your lands independently of the Arcona team. This clearly shows how NFT assets provide interoperability between the blockchain ecosystem and cyberspace.


The main feature of Arcona XR Metaverse is universal information AR layer – the Digital Land, where users can independently and remotely (from the workplace) place interactive content anywhere in the world. Ready-to-use network of terrain-related markers on the entire surface of the planet. Open modular architecture allowing to integrate third-party solutions. You can buy, sell, rent or lease the Digital Land in exchange for the ARCONA token.
The ARCONA token is the equivalent of the all digital assets value of the Arcona Metaverse. Using the ARCONA, you can sell creative software or 3D content to landowners and users: buy Games, Attend Special venues within the Arcona Ecosystem, Buy Professional services within the Arcona Ecosystem (coding, advertising, content creation, etc.) and Participate in ads, promotions, special events, games, etc.

ARCONA – 100% Utility token.

The crowdsale of the project ended in July 2018 and total supply was 15,181,707,01308544976911725

Tokens were distributed as follows:
  • team - 20% (Vesting: 5% for 6 months, 5% for 12 months
    and 10% for 18 months after the ICO is finalized)
  • advisors - 7%
  • bounty - 2%
  • reserve Fund - 11%
  • for Sale - 60%

Currently, all ARCONA tokens have been purchased by the community and are in circulation. A fairly even distribution of tokens among holders protects the market value of the token from manipulation by large players, which ensures stability and complete decentralization of the project.
Other the Ecosystem Assets such as Digital land, content or scripts are nonfungible token ERC 721 standards. Property rights to those assets as well as the conditions and the cost or royalty of their use are recorded in the smart contract.
So, each piece of Arcona Digital Land is an ARDL land token, ERC-721 standard. Its smart contract contains all the main characteristics, including the identification number, geographical coordinates, information about the current and previous owners.

Smart contract: 0xdf5d68d54433661b1e5e90a547237ffb0adf6ec2

In June 2021, at the request of our community, the team launched ARCONA on two blockchain networks - Binance Smart Chain and Minter. At the same time, the total volume of tokens simultaneously in circulation on all blockchains does not exceed 15M ARCONA. Now our users have more freedom to use Arcona digital assets on a variety of sites, and the project has become more resilient to external influences. In the near future, Arcona will be deployed on several more blockchains.

Token Security

  1. The token contract is not upgradable.
  2. Only the token holders themselves can burn their tokens.
  3. Minting of new tokens is restricted and conform of the security audit.
  4. Token with hard total supply.
  5. Token not apply transfer fees.
  6. Token transfers is’t pausable.
  7. Contract already working 3 years after ICO.

Economic Requirements

The token is fairly distributed, you can check etherscan contract address: 0x0f71b8de197a1c84d31de0f1fa7926c365f052b3.


The ecosystem has a major social significance. For AR project creators, it offers extremely simple tools to translate their ideas. For developers, it is a convenient platform for testing new solutions and bringing them to the market. For businessmen, this is a good way to make money on AR or promote their projects using AR technology. And numerous Arcona users, thanks to the universal platform viewer, compatible with most mobile devices, will be able to see and evaluate the latest ideas in the field of augmented reality. Such capabilities will help advance AR technologies and make the platform an industry standard. We value our community very much and strive to create truly immersive living and business environments for everyone in the AR metaverse. On the Arcona Marketplace, producers and consumers can exchange resources and pay for them using the platform’s internal tokens. The portal can be primarily used to sell content, software and Digital Land. Arcona makes extracting real-world value from skills developed in the virtual gaming space possible. This will give millions of people an opportunity to make a living in a world more populated than any other virtual universe.
For our token holders, we are constantly running a variety of promotions that not only support the liquidity of ARCONA, but also bring many pleasant surprises to the participants. These are liquidity pools on different blockchains, farming programs with prize NFTs, draws of Digital Land plots and exciting quests with treasure hunt in the AR space.

Benefit to Bancor

The Bancor White List could be another exciting opportunity for our community and an additional liquidity guarantee for the ARCONA token. We’d love to hear your feedback on the Arcona Metaverse. Therefore, among all those who voted, we will play out our Feod NFT domain. These will be beautiful 3D ARCONA coins, which will allow you to receive a digital land plot as a gift anywhere on the planet of your choice. And like any NFT in our system, you can immediately place a prize coin on your lot. We will give away 10 Feod NFT domain’s among all voting participants, regardless of which way they vote.


The Arcona team is highly engaged with its community through a plethora of channels. We is mainly active on Discord and Telegram, but we do have Twitter, The best place to closely follow the project and read all about it is Arcona blog


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  • Whitelist Arcona XR Metaverse (ARCONA)
  • Default 20K BNT Co-Investment

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Everything looks good to me now ! A 5K BNT Co-Investment is quite conservative, has my vote. Once this passes and that space gets filled up I would recommend coming back to the forums for a co-investment increase to around 20K ~ in order to have Bancor become the projects liquidity home, glad to have you onboard.


This project has made my reading list! I’m excited to look at this one!


Thank you for your interest! Wait start of voting :slightly_smiling_face:


Why is this already on snapshot? Will be hard to get Quorum by pushing before Monday


I was planning on voting on this proposal and staking my vBNT on Saturday. Why was it added on snapshot already?


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Ok, create new one on monday 12th of July, if needed


voting days are designated monday, will look forward to vote on it then.


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