Proposal: Increase Co-Investment Limit to 50K on ARCONA Pool

This proposal is expected to appear on Snapshot for voting on 2021-08-02T12:00:00Z. Make sure to stake your vBNT for voting before this date and time to participate in the DAO decision.

Contract Address: 0x0f71b8de197a1c84d31de0f1fa7926c365f052b3

Project website:


  • Create extra space for ARCONA deposits.
  • Enable a limit change from 5,000 BNT up to 50,000 BNT minting limits on ARCONABNT pool
  • Vote “for” to enable this change, or vote “against” not to enable it.

Background Info:

The Arcona XR Metaverse team would like to thank everyone who voted to submit our project to Whitelist Bancor. This move helped strengthen the ARCONA token and expand our community. In just a week, the liquidity in the pool of the Bancor network exceeded $ 640 thousand, MCap increased x4.5 to 4.5M, and there are still a lot of people willing to contribute assets to the pool. ARCONA seems to be performing well now. ARCONA is now over 30% APY. There is no room in the pool for more ARCONA LPs. There is no active LM rewards on the ARCONA pool, and not everyone interesting add liquidity for second side(BNT) of ARCONABNT.
Therefore, we propose to vote to increase the size of co-investment from 5 thousand BNT to 50 thousand BNT. The possibility of one-way staking encourages our token holders to use the Bancor protocol more actively and to increase the pool size. As liquidity deepens, so will the yield on swaps for LP.

By tradition, among all those who voted, regardless of how they vote, we will give away 20 rare NFT Arcona.


Seems incredibly reasonable, the pool has 600K Liquidity with only 5K Co-Invest, that means a great majority of the BNT in the contract has been market bought.


I support this, the pool has done well


Agree with the other comments. Pool has done well in growing its depth with a small amount of co-investment:


I will be voting in favor of the increase.


thank you guys, tenzent, eldude, glenn. Need i create this proposal on manually or somebody will make it himself?


We will list it on snapshot on Monday.