Is Recovery of Tokens after ILP Cancellation Possible?

In the good old days, I invested a lot of ENJ in v2.1. When ILP was removed, my rewards were wiped out and my initial investment lost about 2/3 of its value (so far, only on paper). Later, I moved the ENJ to v3 thinking I might withdraw it. It’s still in v3 today.

I don’t understand the intricacies of Bancor. I am wondering if at some point in the future, the value of the initial investment will recover? If so, what needs to happen for this to be possible? How long might it take?

(I apologize if this question is overly simplistic or has been already addressed.)


Hi @Mimmen

Thank you for your question.

I understand you have ENJ in V3 and there is currently a deficit in the pool.

If the ratio of BNT to ENJ in the pool changes, yes, it can improve your position.

Right now, the entire community seems to be focused on getting out of deficit by building a new product called Carbon:

As noted here: Introducing Carbon: An update to the Bancor DAO and Community There seems to be lots of interest in using all fees generated by Carbon to reduce the deficits.


Thank you for your reply.

Two questions: by ratio, do you mean the total value of BNT vs ENJ?

2nd question: if the value of BNT drops more than that of ENJ, might the deficit in the pool grow bigger?

(Again, apologies for the unsophisticated questions - and thank you in advance for being patient with me.)

I mean the amount of BNT in the pool and the amount of ENJ - in a constant product AMM, this is how price is calculated.


No prob!

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It’s good to point out that we have that let’s you view deficits for pools overtime. This is in addition to other stats that are available there as well (e.g. volume and fees).