Discovery: What is everyone's thoughts about Bancor on Fantom?

I believe this could be a good move for Bancor to enter the Fantom ecosystem. Fantom’s rapid growth can be attributed to strong communities supporting developers. This can align very well with Bancor’s path forward to build a better DeFi experience. Arguably, Fantom offers the best DeFi experience to date.

A few benefits:

  1. Based on TVL - Fantom is offering a 370M FTM Developer Incentive program. Typically incentive programs are for the users, not the developers
  2. Binance is launching the first cloud CEX for Fantom. No other chain can say this. This is an easy bridge for many users to enter Fantom
  3. Transaction confirmation takes 1 to 2 seconds and gas fees are pennies.
  4. Market cap compared to TVL is low.
  5. Top developers like Daniele and Andre are building in the ecosystem. Andre is one of the main DeFi architects. Curve is even on Fantom now.
  6. Fantom is EMV compatible, so it is easy to deploy smart contracts.
  7. All bridge fees have been reduced to zero.

I think for me AVAX or FTM are the go to, maybe arbitrum but we haven’t seen as much traction as the formers. I think the Bancor Team should maybe look at what ecosystem is willing to give out incentives and how many. AVAX, NEAR, FTM, MATIC and others are all giving huge incentives.

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I’m guessing Bancor on Matic will come first.
Second would probably be a L2 integration, arbitrum seems most likely.
As a third option, FTM could really be a viable option, granted we get Incentives from the FTM team.
More likely than Avax, considering we have had some bad blood with the team and in crypto people carry a grudge.

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I’d prefer Matic or fantom over AVAX. Matic because we’ve got a relationship with them. Many CEX also has bridge into polygon. Avax has got a different codebase and we don’t know them very well. Creates opportunity for exploit if our devs miss something and no “premium support”. We also have to worry about AVAX going down again (happened before).

avax or arbitrum, but as long as its chainlinked