Create new forum categories

I thin the forum would benefit from a dedicated whitelisting category and maybe another for existing pools (to discuss extentions, changes, etc )



I totally agree wtih this, we are actually currently talking about it on the Structured Forum Governance thread but I like your “Extensions” Category idea aswell

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There’s a category for #bip-discussion:whitelisting

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@adam doesnt seem to be working, as there are proposal discussions also in general. Plus, does that make sense in BIP?

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I agree that the Discourse site can be better organized. @tenzent I think we can merge the governance structure and forum reorganization together; they might even be the same thing. If we can get something together here, I think we can just do it. It’s not a protocol change, so I think a vote is overkill.

In my mind, I was thinking something like:

  1. Draft Proposals (parent directory)
    a) Draft whitelist proposals (daughter)
    b) Draft liquidity mining proposals (daughter)
    c) Draft protocol improvement proposals (daughter)
    d) Draft pool fee proposals (daughter)

  2. Finalized Proposals (parent directory)
    a) Finalized whitelist proposals (daughter)
    b) Finalized liquidity mining proposals (daughter)
    c) Finalized protocol improvement proposals (daughter)
    d) Finalized pool fee proposals (daughter)

  3. Current Affairs and Community Discussion (parent directory)
    a) ??? any ideas for the daughter directories ???


We can also organize based on your post in the other thread, @tenzent

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@mbr so you wanna move proposals when finalized? Would that maybe cause UX frustration that a user suddenly needs to go somewhere else, plus cause moderation efforts.

Also UX related: I’d do no subcategories. It’s better to scroll a bit, than to click and remember where I am.

I’d go for somethings like this:


Simplify and go from there…


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I’m with you, @philipeachille.

I think I should clarify - @tenzent had recently raised the point that there could be a more formalized testing ground for new proposals. In essence, it would be nice to separate the discussions that are still works-in-progress, from the ones considered by their author to be ready for a DAO decision.

I think we should probably merge the two open threads we have on this to keep the conversation in one place.


yea go for it merge em.

edit : this is what i had written down previously

Stage 0. Temperature Check (Non-Mandatory). For Users that want to address an issue or token they feel is important but are not sure they have the best solution/proposal parameters a “Temperature Check” thread can be made. This is a general discussion thread where the Author can address an issue or a token they wish to list with perhaps a few ideas of his own on how to go about it and the community adds to and edits it together in order to form a Draft Proposal or if sufficiently developed be put forth as a Final Proposal.
NOTE : Temperature checks are not necessary to submit a Draft Proposal.

Stage 1. Draft Proposal. The forum is upgraded with more descriptive categories and moderated appropriately by community members. Draft proposals are then submitted to these categories for discussion/engagement, and revised as needed.

Forum Categories

  • Temperature Check : Temperature checks are more free form discussions where the author does not necessarily have to have a concrete finalized plan/solution but rather one common issue or token proposal for everyone to unite around and brainstorm.

  • Whitelisting : Whitelisting Proposals are essentially applications for insurance, as such proposals under this category should be about protocol security. This means things such as Mint functions, Audits, Distributions of the Token’s Supply, etc.

  • Co-Investments/LM Rewards/LM Extensions : Co-investment and or LM proposals should be centered around the economic value a token brings to the platform and how an increase in Co-Investment or LM incentives would benefit bancor. These proposals should show there is an interest to not only provide liquidity but also for the trading to occur on the platform (be it through aggregators or directly on bancor) since liquidity that doesn’t accrue fees is counter productive. This is also a great time to pitch the value of your coin and the potential growth since a co-investment does also mean bancor incurs some equity over time in said TKN.

Stage 2. Final Proposal. Forum moderators can then move finalized proposals from the drafting forum to a dedicated page - reflecting that these are the vote-ready proposals. This would also be helpful vis-a-vis our Snapshot implementation. Moderators can help to ensure that the block nominations are reasonable, and even set a proposed vote commencement date and time.

Stage 3. Snapshot Vote. Either the authors, moderators, or someone else in the community can execute the proposal for a vote at/near the planned commencement date.

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@tenzent i’d merge temp check and draft here in this forum. Temp checks could simply happen in the chats for now

Plus, I’d not do an extra forum category and just mark proposal status the title

Example. When navigating to the Whitelisting category I’d see something like this:

Whitelist ABC - Draft
Whitelist MNO - Draft
Whitelist PQR - Live
Whitelist DEF - Draft
Whitelist PQR - Final
Whitelist XYZ - Approved
Whitelist UVW - Rejected

… same for fees and rewards


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@mbr can a forum moderator lock posts, so they can’t be edited?

That would be somewhat important when voting on a proposal is live

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I am overhauling the governance forum now.