About the Information and Templates category

Information and Templates


  • This category is intended to provide new DAO members, and outsiders with sufficient information to participate in proposal creation and submission.
  • The posts contained herein relate to specific policy on DAO operations.
  • Accepted proposals relating to governance structure, organization, and standards are archived here.
  • Additionally, helpful articles and templates are also provided to assist new authors with creating their own proposals.

Read the documentation; use the templates

The governance page was restructured on 12th April 2021, after approximately 6 months of relatively smooth operation. As the BancorDAO grew in size, and proposals became more frequent, it became apparent that a carefully organized community forum would be critical for facilitating decentralized governance into the future. The proposals themselves also require standardization, and templates have been created for the two most common proposal types:

  • Whitelisting proposals, which elevate the status of a token on the Bancor Network to receive protection from impermanent loss, with single-asset staking privleges.
  • Liquidity mining proposals, which activate BNT rewards for liquidity providers on selected assets for a limited time period.