About the LEVEL 2 (FINAL VERSIONS) category

Level 2


  • Level 2 is restricted access.
  • Proposals can be moved here from Level 1 by an admin, or recreated by community members who have attained a sufficient trust rating.
  • Level 2 proposals are considered ready for a DAO vote.
  • Anyone with 25,000 vBNT staked in the governance contract can complete the process of moving Level 2 proposals to Snapshot for voting.

Level 2 proposals are final versions

Drafting and editing, community feedback, and ‘temperature checks’ occur on Level 1. Once a proposal appears on Level 2, comments and feedback are restricted to those with high trust ratings only. The purpose of Level 2 is to announce to DAO members that the proposals contained within are ready to be submitted to Snapshot for a vote.

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