About the LEVEL 1 Under Review category

Level 1


  • Proposals in the Level 1 category are rough drafts.
  • Proposals should still adhere to the standard format.
  • Details may change regularly, under scrutiny from community members.
  • After a proposal is in its final draft stage, alert the community admins.
  • The proposal is then elevated to Level 2.

Level 1 is where proposals are created

This category is where drafts of proposals are submitted in already completed format, using templates made available by the BancorDAO. All proposals on Level 1 should be compiled with the same care, and attention to detail, as expected of a vote-ready document. There are two sub-categories:

  • Whitelisting
  • Liquidity Mining

Level 1 is not a discussion board

While community feedback can take whatever form is appropriate in the comments section, the main post should have a clear purpose, and be presented as a finished document:

  • A helpful and informative title
  • Voting instructions
  • A TL;DR section
  • Proposal details

The ideas and content can be rough; the purpose of Level 1 is to refine the proposal into the best version of itself. The author should be prepared to make frequent edits and restructure the proposal in response to community feedback until the document is considered submission-ready.

When the proposal is considered final, alert a community admin who will elevate the proposal to Level 2.

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