ZRX as a possible LM Target

Hello All !

Wanted to bring the possibility of enabling a much smaller reduced LM Campaign on ZRX. 0x Protocol is the top aggregator as far as volume goes and their token’s native staking has APRs so low, a small campaign could be incredibly effective.

Furthermore there are a huge amount of stakers in their network.

This project feeds us volume so it is pretty well intertwined with Bancor. So I guess the real question would be how big do we want this pool to be, and what kind of volume can we expect. As it stands the largest pool on Uniswap is roughly 250K USD, but uniswap fail to capture a huge amount of the volume on centralized exchanges.

I think we should try to make adjusted campaigns a more common practice so we can divide up inflation between many tokens with the otherwise not greatest APRs in the DeFi Space, ZRX I believe is such a candidate.

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