TVL in Sats and Gwei

TVL in USD is missleading and doesnt offer any information if people actually withdraw their tokens.
Using satoshis wont fix this but it would be a way better indicator than USD since the whole market moves with bitcoin. it would be easier to compare performance over time.

Please add Sats and Gwei to dune analytics for the pool balance / TVL


I personally lean more to an ETH denominator but sats works too. There are certain graphs that look misleading because the value in terms of dollars makes it seem like we’ve lost token supply while in reality it’s reflecting drops in price. As an example i give this graph, it’s useful to know what the liquidity is worth in dollars but if it’s also put in terms of eth it will show a decent picture of what number of tokens the protocol holds in relation to its other tokens rather than its value.


Why do we not discuss EOS denominations as well? Admittedly I don’t know anything about that side of our operations, but since it’s there, it should be talked about as well.


EOS isnt supported anymore afaik

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There appears to be a whole other ecosystem there. Though notably, no volume.

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