Trading incentives - Tiered fees

i propose a 3 tiered system for trading fees. The purpose is to attract bots / day traders and large volume traders.
Tier1: Fees as they are now
Tier2: 25% lower fees for addresses with more than 10 trades a month / 5 digit usd volume
Tier3: 50% lower fees for addresses with more than 60 trades a month / 6 digit usd volume

numbers are subject of change but you get the idea

This is definitely a good idea. But I think the concept is that we want the fees to at least match our competitors and lower for higher tiers. I’m not good with numbers but below are some of the ideas I have for trading incentives.

Giving BNT tokens as rebates based on volumes traded in a period
Extra discount on trading fees or rebates based on BNT tokens staked

We definitely need to attract more volumes before the LM reward ends

its an interesting concept im sure someone could tweek in some way but large volume traders get routed to bancor anyway because they use aggregators. as far as day traders i think limit orders, which are coming soon, will be a more effective way of onboarding them. what we are missing is low volume retail traders that are unaware they are not getting the best price on the market. also changing things to the bnt contract too much can heighten fees.