Subsidising Defi entry, become the landing pad

TLDR: subsidise cefi withdraw, be the landing pad for defi, profit!

Floating the idea to this community for discussion. Could we feasibly subsidise bnt withdrawals from central finance sites (ie. coinbase/binance) so it’s cheaper for people to withdraw bnt?


  • if a new person is foraying into the world of defi, this is incentive for them to come in, this is bancors marketing target group, someone beginning to learn about IL
  • starting with Bnt, they can go almost to anywhere else in the eth ecosystem
  • importantly if they started with bnt as a base bancor will have the cheapest trade
  • it drains bnt supply from cefi

How, will need devs to tell us if this is possible:

  • look at wallet transactions, if it has bnt from a cefi address airdrop a subsidised amount to them.
  • alternatively, when they do their first trade on bancor (ie. +3 bnt on any trade they make)

This can be extended to people using other defi ramps like moonpay.

The worry:

  • people abusing this subsidy by sending multiple bnt from defi.
  • would like to hear more reasons for against as well.


  • ensure its lower than cefi withdraw fees
  • we can also have a daily 100 limit to start to limit the risk.

Interested to see what the bancor community thinks about this.

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I think the general strategy of of attempting to attract crypto users who are new to Defi to get their feet wet via Bancor first, is a great one. I also have zero technical knowledge in regards to the feasibility of this but as you mentioned many people would definitely be looking to game such a system.

But I will say this I think two things would help attract this target audience new to Defi:

1.) Focused marketing that introduces these individuals to the complexity of IL and how Bancor deals with the issue (perhaps they already do this)


2.) This being the most important (forgive me if it has been discussed numerous times other places as I am new to Bancor and even newer to the forums) make the APR/rewards/fees 100000% clearer on the main page! Like maybe just have one estimated APR% you see per token for each pool. And then once open the page for that pool then see a clear breakdown between rewards and fee estimates.

When people are new to Defi it is already pretty tough learning a bunch of new concepts. And it is exponentially more confusing to then understand the different APRs based on which side you are staking. Like whats paid out in the staked token, whats paid out in BNT, why are they changing, the multiplier effect, how the IL protection works. I think this alone probably turns away a lot of noobs, who if they understood the benefits and returns would be happy to join in.

  1. Agree that marketing helps, but I’m not sure about marketing for people to understand complex idea, rather we need to abstract it for them.

  2. Yes agree that uiux can be better but as I’m aware the devs are already on it and have got hires for front end.

This propos/discussion is to give more direct incentive to people that is easy to understand. We are already subsidising gas in limit orders, subsidising cefi to defi jump, I feel benefits bnt + defi in general and is a win-win.

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