Renew Rewards for GRT pool #Attempt 2

I would like to Renew The GRT rewards, since the last proposal was voted against by ‘Simp’ it dit not make the ‘YES’ percentage.

The previous proposal can be viewed here

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Did the pool do well enough to warrant rewards renewal? I didn’t see that pool getting as much volume as we would have liked

This pool as much as I love the graph does not warrant a second round of LM. Glenn had put a great summary of the fees generated during the event last time.

As we can see there have been multiple pools that have outperformed and continue to outperform the GRT pool yet have not had their LM re-enabled. The Bancor pool also continues to be the #1 pool in terms of depth and not by a small margin, uniswap is almost 5 times smaller.


I can’t support doing this. If liquidity mining didn’t make the needle jump the first time, I don’t think bleeding further inflationary BNT into the pool with no reason to expect a perceivable benefit for the DAO would be a wise use of the LM button. If volume picks up and sustains, and it becomes clear that there is a need for more depth quickly, I’d be happy to discuss hitting The Big Red Button on this one.

I don’t think much has changed here:

our GRT pool is at ~9M in depth at the moment which I think is healthy and better than our competitors (we offer single sided staking and IL protection).

The weekly fees collected for this pool have been OK:

which is based on the following volume:

The total fees for this pool since the week of 5/10 and for others that have had LM or an ongoing campaign is the following:

symbol total_fees
OCEAN $42,439.65
REN $47,806.14
GRT $52,163.91
BAT $62,355.36
UNI $72,219.36
ROOK $96,350.55
ALPHA $172,684.14
AAVE $179,824.38
SNX $191,677.20
MKR $194,824.83
YFI $241,890.73
wNXM $309,206.67
ENJ $320,456.26
MATIC $1,073,832.21

In the past 30 days, the daily average APR has ranged between 1%-15% for this pool:

I don’t think we will get much here by incentivizing GRT again and I rather have LM rewards go to a new community instead.