Proposal: Whitelisting Arable ACRE for IL protection

Expected to be on Snapshot on June 26th


  • Proposal for whitelisting ACRE for IL protection
  • Proposed co-investment of 50k BNT
  • For external IL protection, Arable Protocol will provide 50k BNT worth of ACRE tokens

The Bancor community will benefit by ACRE investment locked into the IL vault, and as a good faith partnership action, an airdrop to all BNT holders.

Arable Protocol (ACRE) Token Tracker on Avalanche

ACRE contract on Ethereum at Etherscan

Project website:

MVP on Testnet:

Token Security and Distribution

The ERC-20 token ACRE has a fixed supply of 1000,000,000. The ACRE token contract had its administration access disabled and as such does not allow any further minting or burning of the token.

Arable Protocol released 100 million tokens (10% of total supply) at genesis with 40 million airdropped and 60 million are held and locked up as a strategic reserve. Arable Protocol uses a ‘’thirding’’ model, where each year following the first year, the token’s release amount will be 1/3 less. In the first year, 300 million tokens are released, in the second year 200 million and so forth.

Newly released tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Liquidity Mining Incentives 45%
  • Staking Rewards 25%
  • Developer Vesting 25%
  • Community Pool 5%


Arable Protocol is launching synthetic farming as part of our MVP launch on Avalanche on the 29th of June. Our goal is to make multi-chain farming simple, economical, and available to all. With a simple yet powerful user interface, both experienced and new farmers can effortlessly stake yield farms from various chains. Arable Protocol is based around a synthetic ecosystem and its liquidity is created through the minting of the stable asset arUSD. Utilizing arUSD, users can swap between a variety of synthetic cryptocurrencies and LP tokens and farm on synthetic yield farms that track the APR of their native chain counterparts.

Avalanche is our first home, but we’ll quickly expand to other networks and join Cosmos with our own blockchain solution.

Token Utility

The ACRE token is currently a governance token for Arable Protocol and can be further utilized as such:

Community and Communication

Arable Protocol has vibrant communities on Telegram and Discord and we regularly publish articles on Medium and keep connected with our followers on Twitter.

View a complete list of our resources at our

Available Audits

SolidityFinance is in the process of auditing our MVP contracts:

Our staking contracts have already been successfully audited: Arable Staking Smart Contract Audit by Solidity Finance

Market and Trading Data

Currently, the following pools are in operation:

  • ACRE/WAVAX on Pangolin (Avalanche)
  • ACRE/USDT on Pangolin (Avalanche)
  • ACRE/PNG on Pangolin (Avalanche)
  • ACRE/MATIC on Quickswap (Polygon)

We are planning on getting listed on more DEXs on other chains and considering getting listed on centralized exchanges as well.

ACRE price at the time of writing $0.0174
All-Time High $0.501675 (Feb 21, 2022)
All-Time Low $0.01705078 (May 27, 2022)
Price 90 days ago (from writing) $0.164688
ACRE tokens in circulation 164,421,775
Maximum supply 1000,000,000
Current market capitalization $2,858,912

Benefits for Bancor and its Stakeholders

  • Increased transaction volume from ACRE users
  • Transaction fees from swaps
  • Locked ACRE in the IL protection vault
  • ACRE airdrop to BNT holders

The Bancor community will benefit by ACRE investment locked into the IL vault, and as a good-faith partnership action, an airdrop to all BNT holders.


This is a clear yes - I will support.

If external IL protection = trading liquidity

Then I will always vote yet

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Need more exchange please … Cex maybe

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Why? woulnd’t that result in less volume for bancor?