Proposal: Whitelist SDL

BancorDAO Whitelist Proposal for SDL


  • Proposal to whitelist SDL, activating single-sided exposure
  • There are no apparent security concerns that would prohibit whitelist status.
  • Proposed co-investment is 1,000,000 BNT
  • There is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the LinkPool project.
  • LinkPool would not add major risk to the Bancor Protocol.
  • Since the inception of the ERC-20 token, LPL has consistently been a top pool on Bancor in both liquidity and volume among protected and non-protected pools alike.
  • Best performing V3 pool with 0 deficit
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I suggest a lower BNT coinvestment.

I also suggest you make a more complete proposal using the template below.

Just curious if you are involved in the wider linkpool community and whether this is something that SDL holders are interested in (i.e. single sided staking on bancor)? I think given the pause of liquidity protection, certain holders might not want to LP for this reason anymore.

On the other hand, if there is interest and the linkpool community wants to provide liquidity protection for this pool via external liquidity protection (i.e. setting aside a certain amount of tokens to cover their LPs at withdrawal) then it might be OK. We have had a few projects (BBS, ACRE, DAPP, and CROWN come to mind) that have done this on bancor for liquidity in return.

We take issue with sushiswap xsushi user fee stealing proposal. I rather have my SDL liquidity on bancor at least with carbon coming I feel safer providing liquidity here. LPL LPs on bancor were made whole. There’s no issue with that anymore. Good opportunity here.

I see, Carbon is definitely an option for anyone trying to provide liquidity for any SDL/TKN pair and does not require the Bancor DAO to approve it (it is a permissionless, open, and transparent protocol). This would allow anyone to create a strategy with SDL and perform automated buying and selling at a price range or specific price point. The flexibility of Carbon allows for many different types of trading strategies and can be consider a swiss army knife of sorts.

Anyway, if the linkpool community wants to pursue a whitelisting proposal on Bancor v3 then I suggest following the whitelisting proposals guidelines as linked by @foxsteven.

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